Should You Buy a New or Used Vending Machine for Your Business?

by Sue Barrett |

Are you getting started in the vending machine business? If you are looking for equipment to buy, it can be worth your while to look into used vending machines or refurbished models. You can sometimes save thousands of dollars.

Even though you can save money by cutting your costs, you want to be smart and do your research. Since this is an income opportunity, the most important factor in your purchasing decision is your bottom line. Just as much as you do not want to overspend on your equipment, you do not want to have vending machines that constantly break and are out of operation – not producing any income for you.

If you are starting your company on a tight budget, keep in mind that used equipment may cost less, but newer or refurbished options may offer great financing on equipment. Run the numbers and see if you can qualify for financing. Depending on your situation, sometimes newer models can end up costing you less money in the long run.

Refurbished Vending Machines

You can often get refurbished vending machines from the same shop that sells new models. They can include warranties and the equally fast shipping and easy delivery that you would expect when buying brand new. This applies whether you are purchasing a snack vending machine, soda or even frozen food machine.

When comparing refurbished items, look at (1) warranty coverage, (2) what type of inspection is done on the machines prior to sale and (3) the repair service available. Warranties generally run from one to three years. You sometimes can get extending warranties, adding years on to the standard protection package.

It is nearly impossible to know exactly how long a particular refurbished model will last and how well it will run. However, you can get references and customer testimonials from the vending company to better predict what to expect before your purchase.

Used Vending Machines

You can find used equipment offered in the classified ad section of publications or on websites. Generally cheaper than a newer, refurbished model, used equipment may require you to pick up. If delivery is offered, it may not be as fast or convenient as it would with a large retailer – and you should not expect a warranty.

When buying used without a warranty or service plan, you either want to be knowledgeable in vending machine maintenance and repairs or know someone who is. This will take a large amount of the risk and hassle out of buying equipment that is not new and is likely to need more care.

If you find a used vending machine for sale that is in close proximity to you, and you have a truck plus manpower available to easily pick up and move the machine, this can be a great opportunity for you. If the owner is anxious to sell, and there are limited buyers in the area, you can often negotiate a great price.

As with most business purchases, you want to comparison shop to find the best deal for your particular needs. Get advice from people who have already operated their own machine businesses. You will gain great insight that can help you save money and increase your profits.


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