How to Start a Small Coin Vending Machine Business

by Sarah Dray |

A vending machine business is great for people looking to earn some extra cash without having to invest a lot of time to get it started. Depending on what budget you have available, it’s possible to start small and grow with time, or go at it full-force.


1. Decide how much you’re ready to invest. If you have a small budget, you may only be able to afford small vending machines, like the ones that dispense gum or pocket toys. If you’re looking to invest more, you can always look into drink and snack machines. Financing is available from certain retailers, so don’t be afraid to inquire about it.

2. Map a route. It will be much easier to refill the machines if they’re distributed in a logical pattern. When planning the route and choosing locations, do keep in mind the best stops to place your machines. Hotel lobbies, storefronts and fast food restaurants are ideal because of the constant traffic in and out.

3. Look online for companies offering vending machines for rent and sale. Compare not only prices but the advantages of each one, the warranties offered and whether they have additional services available., the largest vending machine website in the country, offers second-hand machines, a great deal if you’re looking for large equipment.

4. Get coin vending machines made of metal. Plastic ones may look cuter but unless you’re placing them indoors, they are more likely to get vandalized. New vending machines may come with a partial warranty, but used ones (and certain new models) may not qualify.

5. Pay attention at how your machines are doing. If you see that a specific one that is still full about a month or two after placement, you will need to either move it or replace the contents with something more popular. Don’t stop by to check on the machine only with the intention of collecting money. Instead, treat the machines as a sound investment and do as much as possible to increase sales.

Tips & warnings

Don’t stick only to the classics. Lots of innovative products are available to be sold via vending machines, including toothpaste/toothbrush sets, miniature toys and even small electronics.


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