Used Arcade Games

Arcade game is an entertainment machine which is coin-operated and is installed in public houses, restaurants, family entertainment centers and video arcades. Mostly used arcade games include pinball machines, redemption games, video games, merchandisers and lots more.


The foremost and the most well-liked games were amusement park which incorporated ball toss and shooting galleries, while coin-operated machines were introduced in the later years. In the era of 1920’s, amusement park provided the idea and impression of creating a new arcade game.

The first coin-operated pinball machine was made in 1930’s and these devices were different from others as they were made of woods. These games did not contain lit-up bonus surface or plungers and mechanical scoring readouts, rather than electronics. In 1971, Spacewar galaxy game was set up and it was the first video game which was coin-operated.

In 1972, ping pong came into being and became very popular among the people. Video game arcades were set up in shopping malls and also small corner arcade games started appearing in grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants and other places by the early 80’s. The popular games included in this category were:

  • 1978 – Space Invaders
  • 1979 – Galaxian
  • 1980 – Pac-Man
  • 1980 – Battlezone
  • 1981 – Donkey Kong

The craze for these arcade games started fading by late 80’s for the reason being installed at unsafe places. Then, it experienced a rebirth when fighting games included two-players such as:

  • 1991 – Street Fighter II by Capcom
  • 1992 – Mortal Kombat by Midaway Games
  • 1992 – Fatal Fury by SNK
  • 1994 – Killer Instinct by Rare
  • 1994 – 2005 – The King of Fighters by SNK

By the year 1996, new technologies with arcade facilities reached the market, but this was no longer lucrative due to the decline in the sales of these arcade games. Then by late 90’s and early 2000 era, the gaming network by way of computers and console arrived that were provided by arcades solely. Fighting became the most attractive feature of arcade games as they offered tournaments and competitions confronting each other, which directed the players in deep practicing. In order to remain in existence, other elements were added which harmonized the video games like food services, merchandisers and redemption games to name a few.

These days, arcade games are modified completely where people can play the games using controllers. Currently, the most popular used arcade games incorporate (1994) Rail shooter like virtua cop, (1995) Time Crisis, (1996) House of the Dead, (1998) Dance Dance Revolution and (1999) DrumMania to name a few. These games are now socially-oriented focusing on individual performance, rather than being based on novelty forms.


Almost all modern arcade games are making use of integrated circuits and SSE (Solid State Electronics). Previously, the coin-operated video game used custom hardware with several CPU’s, focused graphics, sound chips/boards and graphic display technology.

At present, Arcade game’s hardware is based on PC elements or console. These games are controlled by way of realistic and immerse means, than by console or PC games featuring specific setting or managing accessories which includes fully dynamic cabinets. These cabinets are equipped with force feedback controls, dedicated light guns, rear-projection displays and reproduction of plane cockpits/car/motorcycle controllers. These accessories set modern arcade games apart from PC or console games.

Arcade Genre

Generally, Arcade games have short levels, are intuitive and have simple control schemes along with speedily increasing intricacy. Arcade racing games possess a simplified physics engine and does not require elongated learning time while opposing the racing simulators. The Arcade fight game also makes use of simplified controls and physics when compared with flight simulators having a simple learning curve. The increasing popularity of console flight arcade games such as Crimson Skies to Secret Weapons over Normandy to Ace Combat indicated the decreasing fame of instantaneous arcade flight action. Common arcade games such as Tron, Asteroids, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Discs of Tron, Joust, Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Battlezone, Missile Command and Robotron:2084 are emulated on Xbox Live Arcade.

Used Arcade Games

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