Equipment Management Programs, are you Planning for the Future Today?

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Today, I thought I would write about something most of us aren’t thinking about this time of year. That is selling used amusement equipment. The spring is usually when we are our most optimistic. We are getting in new rides, games, inflatables, and attractions; or we have just finished refurbishing some of them. We are not thinking about or planning to sell anything at this time of year. But, given the unpredictability of our industry, maybe you should be thinking about it. What I mean is you should have a process where you evaluate all your equipment as the season goes on.

I am mentioning this because of a recent experience with the general manager of a chain of family entertainment centers in the southeast. They came to me with several rides that have been in storage for several years. Some of them are missing wiring, fencing, and even motors as a result of vandals stealing them for the scrap metal value. I explained to them that amusement equipment doesn’t do anything but get worse in storage. I advised them to start a program where they would identify poor performing items so that by the time the ride is ready to be dismantled we already have a new home lined up for it. He agreed and this made me think that I should bring this topic up with my readers.

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If you notice that a certain piece of equipment isn’t being rented as often as it used to be, isn’t making as much money as in previous years, or is just getting older and nearing replacement; you can start planning for how you will dispose of it. You can take pictures in a variety of locations and in several different lighting conditions. You can record video of it in operation along with a voiceover introduction or description. You can gather complete technical information including any history of repairs. You could even list it for sale telling buyers that it will be available after a certain date. You can offer them for trade in exchange for items of equal value. And don’t forget about carnivals and fun fairs in other countries. Many showmen from Australia, South America, and South Africa will be looking to purchase used items in the middle of the summer in the United states and Europe. These are all things that the midway is ready and willing to assist with.

Selling used amusement equipment isn’t easy at any time, but especially in this difficult world economy; it takes longer. So, why wait until the end of the season to get started. Feel free to call or email with questions or to place a listing. I hope to hear from you soon.


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