Inflatable Bouncer is Good Amusement for your Kids

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by Paki Peng |

Inflatable bouncer is a cause for pleasure and amusement not only for your kids but also for you. It is not enough to just give some time to your kids. How you spend every second with them is what is more significant. Have an extraordinary time along with your kids and make it remembered forever. You will remember all those treasured moments you spent with your kids as they grow up. The kids are dependent on you to give them those sweet memories to recollect forever.

There is no hard and fast rule that only those with offsprings should use inflatable bouncers. It was mentioned beforehand that it can be used by even grown-up persons. Wet inflatable bouncers could be placed at ledge of pool for additional fun. A trampoline can actually help you fulfill your daily exercise needs. The kinds of payback that inflatable bouncers can give to elders as well is boundless. Better late than never to use this toy even if you could not do it as a kid. Now is the time to have fun just like a small child does. It will a good idea to call your friends over for a party to celebrate the inflatable bouncer set. You will never be able to measure the amount of enjoyment you will derive.

The best gift you can give yourself on your birthday is a inflatable bouncer jump set. Position it smoothly in your garden. Spend idle hours in it, bouncing as well as sweating until you wish. You would not believe that work out as well as having child’s fun simultaneously is almost possible.

The principle of an inflatable slide and the inflatable bounce house is identical. Both are made out of solid vinyl. The rear of a inflatable slide holds the hook of a single power blower. When you turn on the blower the slide inflates itself immediately. It is real fun to watch a gigantic water slide inflate! They transcend on kids, elderly as well as homes. The size of the water slides can go up to 40 feet. Slides could be made more fun when you will add water. The scorching sun actually makes the water slides most suitable for summer.


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Choose a Suitable Inflatable Game and Create a Terrific Summer Vacation

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by Paki Peng |

As for various reasons you may not be able to take your kids for a outdoor trip when long summer vacation comes, being busy with your work, being out for a commercial meeting, tough these reasons may keep you away from your kids, but it should be not that to stop your kids enjoy a wonderful and interesting summer vacation. Though you could not stay with your kids, you can create the surprising inflatable games home park for your kids.

Bring lifetime joy to your child's party by transforming them from reality into the world of interactive games and inflatable designs with the Inflatable 3 in 1 combo!

It is not difficult to go for one; you can create a terrific summer vacation destination at your backyard, with help of rental inflatable games, which definitely can be a super attraction to kids. It doesn’t take long for the newness of the toys to wear off, but if you incorporate a few water activities to use with the inflatables, you’ll keep the fun going all summer long.

Inflatable games being massively popular, more groups or family choose to own one in their place. A kindergarten will like to place one inflatable slide castle to relax kids at their free time, a family will own one bouncer game to cheer children and free themselves sometimes. Inflatable games have been the popular games for kids, including both inflatable games, inflatable water games, inflatable slides, and inflatable cartoon toys. They are widely used in kids parties, local fetes, wedding ceremonies, commercial shows, kids amusement theme parks.

Though safety is the main characteristic of inflatable games,but each one owns their distinct fun and benefits. And you need to choose according to both needs from your children and the supplies from the inflatable games.

Toddlers can choose the most safe one, bounce house. Safe net is used to construct upper part of the bouncer walls to ensure fresh air for kids inside. To toddlers, to provide a soft place for them to practice walking is important. Baby Bounce house is just one such game. Besides, many different pictures of sea fish, forest animals, shapes can help them recognise more about the world from the walls.

It can be a good alternative to just letting kids feel lonely at home. Make your home one summer vacation destination for your kids if you could not stay with them for a outdoor vacation。we will provide you with our best service. Here you can find versatile of inflatable games to satisfy kids appetite for safe fun.

It is not difficult to go for one; you can create a terrific summer vacation destination at your backyard, with help of rental inflatable games, which definitely can be a super attraction to kids.


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Inflatable Games

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by Stewart Willett |

Inflatable games like slides, pools, tents and other products are the newest craze of kids these days. It is a marvelous addition to children parties and aside from theme; it brightens up the entire party Inflatable games prove to be a great deal for summer as summer is the most awful season. High temperature in summer gets over nerve and kids are highly irritable when summer arrives. Allowing kids for outdoor games in summer is not a healthy idea and parents hunt for ways to keep kids busy at home all day long. Today markets are over flooded with unique and functional inflatable products and it enables you to make playground in the backyard of the home. The secret behind the increasing demand of these products lies in its easy installation and protection attributes. These are immensely safe for kids and give a win-win position to parents and kids simultaneously.

There are innumerable companies offering high quality inflatable items and gives thrilling enjoyment without compromising on safety. These products are equally designed for girls and boys and you can opt princess, prince bounce castle, animal bounce and the pirate inflatable houses.

Interestingly, these products neither burden the pockets nor disturb the monthly budget because many companies are offering these games for rent and you can get party game rentals easily. Inflatable games rental are the marvelous fun idea for sport contest, retail businesses, radio promotional shows, grand real state openings, fairs and carnivals and other occasions. The amalgamation of safe playing environment with kids inflatable rentals and exclusive physical challenges give rise to an excited playing environment and ample excited stories to envy friends afterwards.

If you dream to buy inflatable bouncer, slide or any other item for your kids but, don’t having enough money, don’t lose heart because you can have it on rent. Best about party game rentals is when you are done for week or month etc. rental company comes and packs it and you don’t have to get worried about its cleansing and other necessary things like care or storage. One thing you have to keep in mind is these products demands a bit of maintenance and care to last for long. In case of any problem or malfunctioning rental company will charge you accordingly.

To keep your children busy just buy them inflatable games or go for inflatable games rental. No doubt, it is the most lucrative investment and is highly manageable business for the whole family. Some kids especially boys are always looking for ways to have active toys so, these inflatable products keep them physically active by offering various gaming challenges. It keeps their muscles strong, maintains their health and built their minds strongly. In markets you will be surprised to see the amazing collection of Montreal inflatable games and are available for all age groups. It is not just convenient for parents but, also offers a great entertaining deal for kids. Make sure that you bought the inflatable items from a reliable source having all the safety precautions. Bring life to your kids life with inflatable games and also add spice to your kids party with party game rentals.

A great opportunity to put a smile on everyone’s face. Great for birthdays, inflatable games rental, daycares, and home daycares also.


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How to Get Started Owning Vending Machines

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by Leslie McClintock |

The vending machine business is a proven model for hard-working small-business owners with relatively limited capital. You purchase or lease vending machines and inventory and scout out your area for locations where you believe a vending machine would be profitable. Then you regularly drive around to your locations, collecting money from your machines and restocking the inventory.

Here are five easy steps for starting a vending machine business:

Step 1

Identify a location that needs a vending machine. Ideally, this should be a high-traffic area full of thirsty or hungry people with change in their pockets and limited competition. Contact the site owner or manager and ask him if he would like a vending machine. He may agree to put one in free to you, or you may need to strike a revenue share agreement, whereby you split the revenue the vending machine provides.

Step 2

Form a business entity, such as a limited liability company or a corporation. Fill out articles of organization or incorporation. Contact your state division of corporations for how to do this. Forming a business entity is important, because it can help protect your personal assets if your business gets sued. Since you or an employee will be driving your route regularly to restock machines and collect cash, you should consider protecting your personal assets against a lawsuit arising from a car accident. You may also want to consider putting liability insurance in place. If you don’t do this, an employee or partner who injures someone on the job could cost you your business and your home, and you don’t even need to be involved in the accident.

Step 3

Purchase vending machines. Consider the desires of the client, or site owner or manager before selecting the type of machine. You can purchase the machine outright for cash, or you can lease a vending machine. If you lease the machine, you should be reasonably confident that your revenue from the cash collection will more than pay for the lease cost of the machine.

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Step 4

Purchase inventory. This will likely be a significant cost center for you. Strive to purchase nonperishable inventory in bulk, where possible. You may wish to get a membership at a wholesale food retailer or discount grocer, such as Sam’s Club or Costco, depending on your volume. The more machines you have and the more food you sell, the better your discounts will be and the greater your profit margins.

Step 5

Keep records. As a business owner, you must keep a set of books in accordance with Internal Revenue Service rules. Keep track of your business expenses — expecially equipment costs, inventory costs, storage costs and mileage. As of 2011, you can deduct up to 55.5 cents per mile driven for business purposes. This can be significant for vending machine businesses because of the frequent restocking trips.


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About the Vending Machine Business

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by Sherrie Scott |

Consumers head to vending machines for a variety of reasons. Most machines exist to satisfy public cravings for snacks and beverages. Vending machines offer consumers a quick convenient fix for hunger pangs or sluggish activity by offering energy-boosting refreshments. The scope of the use and demand for vending machines is widening as advancements in machine technology improves. The vending machine business offers an entrepreneurial opportunity that can be quite lucrative to operators willing to put in the time and effort to be profitable.


Vending machines are coin-operated devices that dispense goods to consumers. Consumers use vending machines by paying for the goods within the machine and utilizing the items dispensed. Machine operators earn money by placing machines in private businesses or public areas to compel customers to make a purchase. Operators have established routes in which their machines are located and it is their job to service the machines to ensure they are stocked with the appropriate goods.

Business Opportunities

Many business opportunities exist for vending machine operators. Entrepreneurs can opt to purchase an existing vending business, which usually includes the necessary licenses, machines and routes that have already been established. Business owners can also invest in a franchise, or start a new business from scratch. Purchasing an existing business requires that the operator maintains current accounts by services and stocking the machines with inventory. Entrepreneurs that choose to open a new business must purchase or lease their machines, purchase inventory, and obtain licenses and accounts for placing the machines.


Common machines are snack and soda machines. Smaller devices dispense individual candies or assorted nuts. Many machines are popular in establishments that cater to families and children. These types of machines have prizes and goods that appeal to a younger crowd. Vending machines that dispense films available for rent are increasing in popularity. Vending machines that are appropriate for a certain niche are also available. For instance, machines that distribute disposable towels and individual auto detailing products are provided at self-serve car washes.

Payment Conveniences

Several developments have been made in the technology of vending machines, allowing operators to offer more conveniences to consumers. In the past, vending machines were limited to accepting coins or small forms of currency, such as $1 or $5 bills. As vending machine technology improves, the forms of payments accepted have also improved. Some vending machines now have the option of accepting credit and debit cards as an added convenience to customers.


Vending machines are now offering a wider variety of goods. For example, an extravagant vending machine at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami allows consumers to purchase items as far-fetched as expensive jewelry, cars and real estate. There is a new demand for vending services that have not been available before. Entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to determine a vending niche that has not yet been established in the marketplace capitalize on the initiative.


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Vending Machine Business Pros & Cons

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by Rick Suttle |

Vending machine businesses can include single-item purchases like drinks, candy and salty snacks or bulk machines that dispense a handful of candy or nuts. Many with vending routes use a variety of machines. The basic duties of a vending route include stocking the machines and collecting the money. However, just like any business, there are certain pros and cons to running a vending machine business.

Steady income

Some businesses can take several years to become profitable, but a vending machine business is often profitable within several months, according to Once you select locations and establish your route, you can begin earning a steady income. Of course, the number of machines you own will largely determine how much.

Easy to operate

Once you establish your routine, the business is relatively easy to operate. Locate a wholesale food supplier to buy your products. Many vending machine owners purchase the products they will need for the day, then head out on their routes. Next, determine how often to visit your locations. Hopefully, your products will sell quickly and you will have to restock once or twice per week. It is important to keep the food fresh and replace anything expired.

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One truth about vending machines is both a pro and con: They can be expensive, but the cost of starting a vending business is substantially less a storefront business. Mechanical vending machines can cost several thousand dollars. Larger electronic units can cost more, unless you buy them wholesale. If you have 10 mechanical machines to start, your initial investment for machines and products can be $20,000 to $30,000. Bulk machines are considerably less expensive at several hundred dollars each. However, you will need dozens and even hundreds of these machines to make a significant income.

Getting good locations

One of the cons of owning a vending machine business is the challenge of finding the right locations. If you are located in stores without much foot traffic, it will have a negative impact on your earnings. You may need to hire a professional locator; however, hiring one can be expensive. One reason to hire a locator is that some stores may want a percentage of your profits. Experienced locators can negotiate the best deal for you. However, before deciding upon a locator, make sure you check the Better Business Bureau in the locator’s area. Many scam artists operate in the vending industry.


The larger electronic vending machines, which typically yield the most profit, have many workable parts. It is not uncommon for these machines to have occasional breakdowns–another problem with owning a vending machine business. If you have many machines, repairs can get expensive. In the long run, you will be better off learning how to do your own repairs.


Another problem with vending machines is theft. Thieves will find any way possible to get freebies. Some have used coat hangers to pry candy or chips from machine coils. Other thieves make their own slugs or mock coins. This can be a real problem with mechanical combo machines that do not distinguish between real and counterfeit coins.


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How to Purchase Laser Tag Equipment for Kids

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by Jay Gentile |

As a parent, you should always be concerned with the things that will enable your kids to develop fully in all aspects. You should create an environment where kids can learn new things on their own without having you around them all the time. For this reason, it is important that you provide different playing equipment that is beneficial to the kids development in one way or the other. The good thing is that there are numerous kits that you can purchase for your young ones. However, the market is now full of replica equipment some of which are very poor in quality. Thus it is advisable that you take your time to learn how you can buy high quality laser tag equipment sets for sale.

How to Purchase Quality Laser Tag Equipment Sets for Kids

For starters, parents should not keep their kids indoors for a long period of time without giving them a chance to play and have fun. Playing is part of your child’s development. However, a parent should always check the kind of activities their children engage in during their free time. It is the duty of a parent to ensure that their kids are safe all the time. This can only be accomplished by providing the best quality laser tag equipment sets for kids. Whenever you are choosing the best home laser tag equipment sets for your kids, there are several important steps that you should take. These steps are essential in ensuring that the type of toys are safe and ideal for your younger children. Here are some of the steps that you must always take when buying laser tag equipment.

  • Compare different equipment: Since the market is now full of different laser tag products, it is advisable that you compare a number of different products before you decide on the ones to purchase. You should also have a prior experience with these laser tag sets so that you can have an idea of what exactly you should buy for your kids. So you will have to visit several of your local facilities or seek advice from a friend who has had the chance to use the taggers. Some of the most common things that you should consider when looking at different products is where you are going to use them such as a arena, military, outdoor, and more. You may like to consider buying used laser tag equipment in good condition because it would be considerably cheaper.
  • Decide on how the equipment will be used: There are different types of taggers on the market and each of them has a special way in which it should be used. For instance, there are those that are only meant for outdoor games while others are supposed to be used in indoor games. Make sure you understand the usage of the equipment that you intend to buy for your kids.
  • Estimate the number of players you have: Most taggers come in sets and it would be better for you to know the number of players that you have so that you can determine the number of sets that you require. Bottom line is, buy multiple packages so that are enough for your kids and their friends.


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Equipment Management Programs, are you Planning for the Future Today?

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by Max |

Today, I thought I would write about something most of us aren’t thinking about this time of year. That is selling used amusement equipment. The spring is usually when we are our most optimistic. We are getting in new rides, games, inflatables, and attractions; or we have just finished refurbishing some of them. We are not thinking about or planning to sell anything at this time of year. But, given the unpredictability of our industry, maybe you should be thinking about it. What I mean is you should have a process where you evaluate all your equipment as the season goes on.

I am mentioning this because of a recent experience with the general manager of a chain of family entertainment centers in the southeast. They came to me with several rides that have been in storage for several years. Some of them are missing wiring, fencing, and even motors as a result of vandals stealing them for the scrap metal value. I explained to them that amusement equipment doesn’t do anything but get worse in storage. I advised them to start a program where they would identify poor performing items so that by the time the ride is ready to be dismantled we already have a new home lined up for it. He agreed and this made me think that I should bring this topic up with my readers.

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If you notice that a certain piece of equipment isn’t being rented as often as it used to be, isn’t making as much money as in previous years, or is just getting older and nearing replacement; you can start planning for how you will dispose of it. You can take pictures in a variety of locations and in several different lighting conditions. You can record video of it in operation along with a voiceover introduction or description. You can gather complete technical information including any history of repairs. You could even list it for sale telling buyers that it will be available after a certain date. You can offer them for trade in exchange for items of equal value. And don’t forget about carnivals and fun fairs in other countries. Many showmen from Australia, South America, and South Africa will be looking to purchase used items in the middle of the summer in the United states and Europe. These are all things that the midway is ready and willing to assist with.

Selling used amusement equipment isn’t easy at any time, but especially in this difficult world economy; it takes longer. So, why wait until the end of the season to get started. Feel free to call or email with questions or to place a listing. I hope to hear from you soon.


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Playing Arcade Games the Entire Day. Do you Know the Gains?

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by Dr Mark Winston |

Okay! I will admit, whenever the editor is away I take a peep in the old arcade games website site and give it a shot. I’ll admit to not being able stop or shoot the basic number of thugs trying to capture the world; my arithmetic is that of a baby class high performer and my driving skills, zero.

Generally, I love dabbling arcade games. Talking about arcade games, a chat with a wonderful older lady revealed the excitement she used to enjoy at the old predecessor to the internet arcade games: “Edwardian” Penny Arcades in her country, England. The lady together with friends of hers, armed with pennies thus the name would see what the butler saw a somewhat risque peek at parlor maids unmentionables; try her hand literally on the test grip machine; look at some Fatty Arbuckle mini movies, or more demurely, black and white views of legendary landmarks.

Lamentably, for some people, such days passed long ago and as the wheel turns, new things take over. The 60s and 70s left us with pin ball machines (Tommy, rock musical ring a bell) and while personal computers evolved, arcade games. I am supposed is to write some sentences about Arcade Games and this meat play a few. I got attracted to getting rid of my aggravation by blowing up all and sundry no! I’m not going to reveal my score. I put myself into my 11 year old niece mindset and had a look at suiting cute girls, well at least I thought that was its name.Bingo! Finally I discovered my specialty word puzzles ranging from scrabble-style to match the letter. I had a look at math equations and just held my own.

Every one of these games is fun to play an freebie. Despite this, there exist a number of gambling arcade games and here it is upon the reviewer to ask possible players to act responsibly in this regard. Check this site out, select your games and have fun. As for me, I am off to help Super Mario destroy the ice tower then we’ll rescue the princess.


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Safety Tips for Using Amusement Park Rides

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Your children ask if they can go on this really cool ride – a rollercoaster that whips you around at a very fast speed. Sure! you say. Your kids have to be “this tall,” the sign says. No problem. You’re all seated, then the motor starts and the ride begins. Up, up, and turn to the left… You begin to feel the rush of excitement – all the way down to your stomach. Everyone screams as the ride descends to the next dip in the tracks. Around you go, you’re pushed into the person sitting next to you…forced to lean to the right. People scream again, including you. The track levels off, but something doesn’t seem right. People are still screaming.

What’s going on? Your first thought is of your family, your children. You look for your kids – they’re crying. The ride comes to a stop at the gate. You step off and run toward the seats where your kids are sitting, and your heart sinks. On one turn during the ride, a child had got pushed up too far, and the lap belt didn’t protect him as it was designed to. The color red was everywhere. Your children reach for you, and you give them the tightest hug ever imagined. Your family was spared from harms way, but not from the impact this tragic accident has made on their lives…it’s something you will never, ever forget.

Accidents on amusement park rides have doubled in the past few years, and they continue to happen, way too often with devastating consequences.

According to data obtained from the CPSC (emergency room), New Jersey State, and the Anaheim Fire Department, young children are most injured on amusement park rides. But the actual number of injuries may be highly underestimated. “Injury rates may be under-reported”, said Congressman Markey (D-Mass) at a Congressional hearing in May, 2000. Why are there so many accidents? Why aren’t there stricter guidelines for checking amusement park rides? Doesn’t your family deserve to know that the ride they entrust their lives with, will keep them safe?

For one reason or another, accident data for large theme parks isn’t easy to secure. California’s one-year-old law has yet to take effect, and Florida’s theme parks, which account for 20% of all US amusement park business, are exempt from state regulatory laws. Why aren’t we allowed to know the actual number of injuries that have occurred on all amusement park rides? As responsible people, shouldn’t we be able to make an informed decision about something that involves something as precious as our lives? Are we as safe as we think we are? Unfortunately, we’re not. If there were programs in place to help make sure all rides were well-maintained, we’d be better off.

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If you follow these safety tips, you will help minimize your risk of injury due to carelessness:

General Safety Tips

  • Read posted rules carefully.
  • Keep all body parts (hands, arms, legs, long hair, etc.) inside ride at all times. Don’t be misled by amusement park advertisements that show riders happily violating this safety rule. Riders are hurt every year because they wave their hands or legs at the wrong moment. This kind of “do as we say, not as we do” approach to safety is particularly dangerous for young children, who learn by imitating and who cannot read the signs warning riders to keep hands, arms, and feet inside the car.
  • Always use the safety equipment provided (seat belt, shoulder harness, lap bar, chain, etc.).
  • Hold onto handrails, when provided. They’re part of the safety equipment, designed to keep you safely in place.
  • Remain in the ride until it comes to a final stop at the unloading point. If a ride stops temporarily, due to a breakdown or other reason, stay seated and wait for the ride to start up again or for an operator to give you further instructions.
  • Stop riding before you get excessively tired, to avoid accidents.
  • Never ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Don’t board a ride if you see obviously broken parts, signs of poor maintenance, or an inattentive operator. While most parks and carnivals pay close attention to ride safety, there are unfortunate exceptions – just as in any industry. Follow your instincts. If something about a ride seems out of whack, don’t ride it.

Safety Tips for Parents of Young Children

  • Be a cautious consumer when it comes to kiddie rides.
  • Amusement rides are no different than any other kind of product targeted at children. They offer benefits and risks. Use the same good judgement when picking amusement rides that you do when deciding which foods or TV shows or toys are safe for your kids. Just because an amusement park says it’s okay with them if your toddler rides alone on a kiddie train, that doesn’t mean he won’t fall off and hurt himself.
  • Don’t put children on rides they’re afraid of.
  • When a child gets scared, her first impulse is to get away from whatever frightened her. When preschoolers are asked what they should do if they get scared while a ride is moving, their universal answer is, “get off the ride”. Children are hurt every year doing exactly that.
  • Watch the ride with your child before boarding.
  • Read warning signs aloud.
  • Point out the operator and the loading/unloading locations.
  • Explain that rides sometimes stop temporarily, but that riders must never get off until the operator tells them to.
  • Talk about what to do if your child gets frightened while the ride is moving. Tell her NOT to get out of the car. Explain that amusement rides might seem scary, but they’re not dangerous as long as riders hold on tight, stay seated, and keep their hands and feet inside.
  • Tell children to hold on tightly with both hands. Solid metal lap bars and handholds are part of the safety equipment. Teach your children to use them. Many kids raised in the era of five-point car seat restraint systems don’t know that holding on is important.
  • Always use the safety equipment provided, but be aware of its limitations.
  • Ride manufacturers provide seatbelts, lap bars, and other safety equipment to reduce the risk of injury. However, many safety devices used on children’s amusement rides aren’t designed to keep young children in their seats.
  • Lap bars on Ferris Wheels and lap ropes on kiddie trains aren’t considered restraints at all. They’re designed as “psychological barriers”, an incentive to stay seated. Unfortunately parents understand psychology better than kids, so Mom sees a “restraint” and her clever child sees “a piece of metal to climb under”.
  • Solid metal lap bars only fit closely against the largest passenger in the car, often leaving young children with room to slide around. If a lap bar doesn’t fit closely, a fast-moving ride can cause a child to slip completely out from underneath the bar. Loose-fitting lap bars also allow young children to stand up on their own while a ride is moving.
  • Remember, there are no mandatory federal standards for the design of amusement rides. Amusement rides are neither childproof nor childsafe. Use good judgement when deciding whether your kids should ride.
  • Obey minimum height, age, and weight restrictions.
  • Never sneak children onto rides they’re too small or too young for. Ride manufacturers’ restrictions take into account the forces exerted by the ride and the intellectual maturity required to ride safely. A smaller/younger child may not be physically or developmentally able to stay safely seated.
  • Use the posted height and age limits as suggestions, not pass/fail criteria. Manufacturers base their guidelines on developmental timelines and height/weight ratios of children in the 50th percentile. Kids who are tall for their age may not be developmentally ready for a particular ride. Kids who are more impulsive than average need closer parental supervision.
  • Don’t put your child on a ride he’s outgrown. Maximum height and weight limits are just as important as minimum limits.
  • If you can’t count on your child to stay seated with hands and feet inside, don’t let him or her ride.
  • Watch all extremitites – including feet if the ride has open sides.
  • Excited children often stick hands, arms, feet or even their heads out the sides of amusement rides. Load children to the inside, if possible, or out the side closest to the ride operator.
  • Pay special attention as the ride slows to a stop. Children who are in a rush to be the first one off, or in a hurry to get to the next ride, may try to exit while the ride is still moving.

Use your best judgement

Park visitors may have no control over amusement park ride accidents due to mechanical reasons, but we do have control over which ones we allow our families to ride. Read through the above safety tips, and learn how you can help keep your family safe. Make an informed choice — if you see a ride that does not look safe, use your best judgement and just say no. The lives of your family are too precious to risk for even one day of fun.


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