Doha Summer Amusement Park promises fun, family entertainment during the summer months

(QTA) announced at a press briefing today the details of Doha Summer Amusement Park which will be held at the Doha Exhibitions Center. The 8-week spectacle of activities opens on July 20 and runs through Ramadan, ending on September 14.

Speaking at the press briefing, Mr. Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Qatar Tourism Authority, acknowledged the recent criticism in the media about the delay in announcing the plans for the activities, but promised in return an extended summer of fun activities and entertainment. He said: “Qatar Tourism Authority is proud to organize such important domestic tourism event as Doha Summer Amusement Park. We are pleased to announce several changes that will take place this year, which will benefit everyone, making it a fun summer experience for families and especially children, from Qatar and around the region.” The changes in the program this year, from the timing of the event to the special surprises QTA has planned, are in response to visitors suggestions and complaints about prior years’ events.

The most popular change in this year’s festivities is sure to be the extended period, with the amusement park remaining open nearly 2 months through the Ramadan period and part of Eid Al Fitr. Special activities will be organized for Ramadan, to be announced closer to the dates. The other popular change to this year’s event is that entry is free for all. As part of a focused marketing campaign to the region, Qatar Tourism Authority has worked with many hotels around Doha to arrange special packages for visitors from neighboring countries.

Doha Summer Amusement Park features many more attractions and amusement rides featured for the first time in Qatar, with games and rides appropriate for a variety of age groups from adult and teens to school children and children under the age of 6.

Qatar Tourism Authority is organizing the summer festival in collaboration with SEQLIA Organizing & Building Exhibitions & Conferences Company. Mr. Lahdan Al Mohannadi, Head of Local Exhibitions at QTA and Mr. Mohd Ammar al Benni, Executive Manager of SEQLIA, were also present at the press briefing to answer questions about the event.

The entire event will occupy 12,500 square meters in the Doha Exhibitions Center, with 10,000 square meters of amusement rides and games. To make the event fun for all attending families, restaurants, cafes and shops will be set up in the Doha Exhibitions Center throughout the duration of festival.

The wide range of activities and events at Doha Summer Amusement Park will ensure there is something for everyone. Doha Summer Amusement Park will welcome fun-seekers from 3pm to midnight Saturday to Wednesday; and from 3pm to 1am on Thursdays and Fridays. Hours during Ramadan will be from 8pm to 2am and during Eid Al Fitr from noon to 1am. Entry is free for all. Game tickets start from QR5.


About Qatar Tourism Authority
Restructured under the Emiri Decree (46) in 2009, Qatar Tourism Authority was given the mandate to organize, enable, and supervise the tourism industry development and to organize exhibitions in Qatar, as well as represent and promote Qatar as a quality tourism destination for leisure, business, education, and sport. Qatar Tourism Authority gets actively involved in organizing events and promotions which positively reflect on the general image of Qatar as an evolving tourism destination combining business with leisure.

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