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How to Purchase Laser Tag Equipment for Kids

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by Jay Gentile |

As a parent, you should always be concerned with the things that will enable your kids to develop fully in all aspects. You should create an environment where kids can learn new things on their own without having you around them all the time. For this reason, it is important that you provide different playing equipment that is beneficial to the kids development in one way or the other. The good thing is that there are numerous kits that you can purchase for your young ones. However, the market is now full of replica equipment some of which are very poor in quality. Thus it is advisable that you take your time to learn how you can buy high quality laser tag equipment sets for sale.

How to Purchase Quality Laser Tag Equipment Sets for Kids

For starters, parents should not keep their kids indoors for a long period of time without giving them a chance to play and have fun. Playing is part of your child’s development. However, a parent should always check the kind of activities their children engage in during their free time. It is the duty of a parent to ensure that their kids are safe all the time. This can only be accomplished by providing the best quality laser tag equipment sets for kids. Whenever you are choosing the best home laser tag equipment sets for your kids, there are several important steps that you should take. These steps are essential in ensuring that the type of toys are safe and ideal for your younger children. Here are some of the steps that you must always take when buying laser tag equipment.

  • Compare different equipment: Since the market is now full of different laser tag products, it is advisable that you compare a number of different products before you decide on the ones to purchase. You should also have a prior experience with these laser tag sets so that you can have an idea of what exactly you should buy for your kids. So you will have to visit several of your local facilities or seek advice from a friend who has had the chance to use the taggers. Some of the most common things that you should consider when looking at different products is where you are going to use them such as a arena, military, outdoor, and more. You may like to consider buying used laser tag equipment in good condition because it would be considerably cheaper.
  • Decide on how the equipment will be used: There are different types of taggers on the market and each of them has a special way in which it should be used. For instance, there are those that are only meant for outdoor games while others are supposed to be used in indoor games. Make sure you understand the usage of the equipment that you intend to buy for your kids.
  • Estimate the number of players you have: Most taggers come in sets and it would be better for you to know the number of players that you have so that you can determine the number of sets that you require. Bottom line is, buy multiple packages so that are enough for your kids and their friends.


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Laser Tag Equipment

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In the amusement and family entertainment center business there are a few key activities: Laser Tag, Go-Karts, Indoor Playgrounds, Amusement Rides, Coin Operated Games, and Miniature Golf being the most prominent.

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For the successful operator, each activity has to balance a delicate tight-rope of purchase cost, entertainment value, operating costs, space requirements and return on investment. When it comes to laser tag equipment, it’s all about through-put.

Most laser tag manufacturers tend to demonstrate the market power of their laser tag equipment with graphs and illustrations that indicate 100% usage and a fast time to return on investment calculation. “If you have 20 laser tag vests and run at 90% to 100% capacity, here’s how fast our laser tag equipment will drive a return on your investment.”

This can sometimes be deceiving. Other than a few opening weekends, keeping your laser tag business running at even 80% of capacity year-to-year is a challenge at best.

Getting used laser tag equipment can be a nice idea for a amusement entertainment center business because it is less expensive, and as long as the used equipment you get in good condition it is a great investment.

Laser tag equipment, battery life, arena maze layout, number of players and your complete amusement attractions activity mix all play a vital role in keeping your guests excited and motivated to come back and play again and again.


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Photon – George Carter III, in 1977, while watching the Millinium Falcon battle scene in Star Wars gets the idea to build Photon – The Sport of the Next Century. Research and construction started in 1982. The first location opened in Dallas, TX in March of 1984.

1985 – June
Photon – The first Photon franchise opened in Toronto.

1986 – March
Photon – The Photon concept was licensed to MCA and a live action/cartoon T.V. show and toy phaser sets went on market.

1986 – July
Photon – Worlds of Wonder introduced Laser Tag toys and aired a commercial showing arena play identical to Photon. Laser Tag and Photon toys were the number one category Christmas of 1986.

Photon – Photon was at its peak. A new company owned center in Fountain Valley CA was setting new revenue records. Seventy franchises has been sold and 45 were open or under construction. Over 2 million players had played Photon.

Laser Quest – Established in 1988 when its founding directors (Phil Pickersgill, Simon James and Nick Brunt) learned of the success of laser adventure games in Australia and New Zealand.

1988 – January
Laserforce – Kelly Brother Games opens the first Laserforce centre in Brisbane Australia – the longest running facility in the world which is still in operation to this day.

1988 – December
LaserTron – LaserTron Corporation opens the Buffalo, NY facility – the longest running facility in the USA which is still in operation to this day.

Photon – Photon was unable to secure financing and no longer was receiving franchising income, George Carter decided to sell Photon. The company centers, technical rights and equipment were sold to various entities. The parent Photon company was closed in good standing and no bankruptcy.

Meno Electronics – Limited Q2000 LTG is founded. The product is designed as a upgrade for the Q-Zar (Quasar) Facility.

Actual Reality – Actual Reality is founded.

1993 – October
Veqtor – VEQTOR (tradename of) VEQTORIAN Limited founded by John Solly, Managing Director VEQTORIAN Limited and Jonathan Plache, Managing Director, Quantum (VEQTOR) (UK) Ltd., Technical Development. Debuted European product trial at Daily Mail Ski Show, London, United Kingdom.

1994 – March
Veqtor – USA product trials start in California, USA

1994 – June
Veqtor – First Veqtor site opens in Guildford, Surrey, England (still open to date).

1994 – November
Veqtor – USA product launch of ‘VEQTOR Lite’ at IAPPA Miami.

1995 – October
Stunner Corporation – Ray Schaffer, Doug McBride, and Brian Fuery develop the Stunner Corporation.

1995 – November
Veqtor – USA product launch of ‘LaserQlay Pigeon Shoot’ at IAPPA, New Orleans.

1996 – February 13
Q-Zar – Q-Zar, Inc. becomes listed on the NASDAQ as QZARF.

1996 – June 14
Laser Quest -Laser Quest Corporation Purchases 100% Ownership in Starburst Coin Machines Inc.

1996 – July 29
Laser Quest – Laser Quest Corporation Lists on The Toronto Stock Exchange as “LQC”.

1996 – August
ILTA – The International Laser Tag Association is founded as an unincorporated association.

1996 – September 7
Stuartizm Design – Stuart Smith focuses on painting laser tag and FEc environments.

1996 – October 22
ILTA – The International Laser Tag Association sets up its website located at

1996 – November
Veqtor – USA product launch of ‘MegaBeast’ (gun only system) and Sens*A*Sound (special effects module) at IAPPA, New Orleans.

1997 – November
Q-Zar – Q-Zar, Inc. becomes Q-Entertainment, Inc.

Veqtor – USA product launch of ‘VEQTOR Classic, Elite and Max’ at IAPPA, Orlando.
1997 – November 5
Q-Zar – Q-Entertainment Inc. Seeks Protection Under Chapter 11.

1997 – November 15
CWI – Jeff Schilling starts a new arena design and building company called Creative Works, Inc.

1998 – February 19
Laser Quest – Laser Quest Corporation Changes its Name to Versent Corporation.

1998 – March 31
Laser Quest – Versent Corporation – Purchases 100% Ownership in Chromacolour. Also, named 4th Fastest Growing Company in Profit Magazine’s Top 100.

1998 – April
LaserTron – introduces Ground Zero – “The Ultimate Laser Shooting Gallery”.

1998 – April 1
Veqtor India – Azure Veqtor Lasertag P Ltd is formed to open laser tag locations in India.

1998 – May 8
Q-Zar – Advanced Entertainment Concepts, Inc. (AECI) purchases Q-Entertainment, Inc. assets from bankruptcy.

1998 – November 14
Veqtor India – Azure Veqtor Lasertag P Ltd opens the first laser tag facility in India.

1998 – November 17
Veqtor – FIREBALL ™ and VEQTOR Express (gun only system replacement for MegaBeast) are introduced at IAAPA ’98 in Dallas, TX and VEQTOR UK secure rights to develop Star Trek World tour Holodeck experience.

1999 – February
Ultrazone Franchising, Inc. – Ultrazone Franchising, Inc. discontinues franchising program, focuses only on license sites.

1999 – February 16
Laser Storm – Laser Storm, Inc. Corporate assets sold at Sheriff’s sale.

1999 – April 10
DarkLight – DarkLight Systems, Ltd. declares liquidation and insolvency.

1999 – May 5
Laser Quest – Versent Corporation sale of Starburst Coin Machines Inc.

1999 – May 15
Crystal – Crystal Entertainment, Inc. is formed and introduces new equipment.

1999 – June 30
Laser Quest – Versent Corporation announces sale of Color Me Mine.

1999 – July 15
Q-Zar – Advanced Entertainment Concepts, Inc. becomes inactive.

1999 – August 10
Darkzone – Darkzone discontinues the selling of laser game equipment. P&C Micros purchases rights to Canada from Darkzone.

1999 – August 19
ILTA – The ILTA assumes operational control of an Indianapolis-based laser tag facility making X-Site Amusement Center the test location for the industry.

1999 – September 15
Actual Reality & DarkLight – Actual Reality Partners With DarkLight. Actual Reality becomes the distributor in North America for DarkLight. It is an industry first as two former competitors combine to promote their products.

1999 – September 17
Ultrazone – Ultrazone discontinues the selling of laser game equipment. P&C Micros purchases rights to the USA from Ultrazone.

1999 – September
Veqtor – USA product preview of ‘FIREBALL’ Klash and Sport, ‘GEMINI’ and ‘Fire and Ice’, Fun Expo, Las Vegas.

2000 – March 15
Actual Reality & DarkLight – Actual Reality and DarkLight Development mutual agree to terminate their marketing relationship.

The ILTA recognizes that these pages need to be brought current with the History of the laser tag industry and will make an attempt to update these pages. Our webmaster maintains this website and prioritizes page updates based on a number of factors including revenue production; convenience factors for the members; and the general needs of the public.

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National Laser Tag Day – Saturday, March 26th, 2011

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On March 28th, 1984, the fist Photon was opened and our industry was born. The excitement that has encompassed laser tag for 27 years was available for the first time! Since then, there have been over 4,000 laser tag facilities that have existed across every continent in the world.

In my experience, whether donating money, time, or information to their fellow operators and developers, laser tag operators have been some of the most generous people I’ve ever met. At the ILTA’s industry dinner in Orlando, Florida, it was suggested that the industry as a whole, whether it be a percentage of a day’s or week’s sales, set aside one day to donate to their favorite charity.

Since March 28th lands on a Monday, a time when many facilities are closed, it was decided that in honor of the first laser tag facility opening, Saturday, March 26th, 2011 would be the day when our industry as a whole could make an incredible impact by donating to the charity of their choice as the first ever National Laser Tag Day!

We at the ILTA would love to hear what your facility donated and to which charity when the time comes, so please let us know if you are planning on participating in the National Laser Tag Day charity donation by emailing us at

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How to Buy Used Laser Tag Equipment

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By an eHow Contributor | Published by

The world of laser tag keeps getting bigger as the technology evolves. If you’re thinking of purchasing your own laser tag equipment, watch out. A brand-new model may become obsolete by the time you finish your first game. One solution is to buy a used game set and sell or replace it when something more powerful comes along. Learn which game features are crucial and which are passing fads.


Browse Used Laser Tag Sets

  1. Shop at flea markets or garage sales for used home laser tag sets. These should come with two tagger guns and two body sensor packs.
  2. Ask at your local arena or outdoor facility whether they have any used equipment for sale. They may sell off their old game pieces when they upgrade to new ones.
  3. Browse laser tag gamers’ message boards online. Some of these act as free classifieds.
  4. Shop online at “used” outlets, such as Amazon or eBay, for indoor or outdoor equipment (see Resources below). Indoor sets will cost less and not be as powerful as more rugged items meant for outdoor play or military simulation.
  5. Post a “laser tag equipment wanted” message on an online site such as or on a bulletin board at a game facility or video arcade (see Resources below).

Buy the Best Used Equipment

  1. Select an inexpensive home unit for impromptu games of backyard warfare with two players.
  2. Spend more and get a more advanced home system for experienced players, such as those with multiple game formats or indoor/outdoor capabilities.
  3. Buy outdoor team laser tag equipment for league play or as entertainment for family reunions or barbecues. Regulation teams are usually four per side. Consider this an investment.
  4. Select the most accurate and most expensive realistic-looking equipment for high-level play and simulated military mission practice.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Buy the right tool for the job. Units meant for indoor play won’t work well outdoors at all, thanks to lighting conditions and a wider field of play. Conversely, outdoor units won’t perform optimally inside the house.
  2. Have AA or AAA carbon batteries on hand if your unit needs them. Used laser tag sets may not come with the original demo batteries.
  3. Go in on a more expensive used set with a friend, or buy one for a club, such as scouts.
  4. Buying “used” sometimes means “abused,” so check on your seller’s return policy before you buy.
  5. Even used equipment can be a steep investment. Make sure you really like laser tag before you commit to ownership.


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Used Amusement Park Equipment: How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

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With financial times being so hard on everybody no one is buying anything “brand-spankin’ new” these days. When it comes to Used Amusement Park Equipment shopping around is your best bet.

What should you expect to pay for different kinds of Used Amusement Park Equipment? Firstly, it depends on the equipment itself. Obviously, a boom truck will cost you more than a soda machine. Secondly, the brand and year of the equipment must be taken into consideration. Older equipment manufactured by some unknown company will cost less than newer equipment which has been manufactured by a recognized company. Shipping is another factor that must be taken into consideration. If the piece of Used Amusement Park Equipment you were searching for happens to be out of the USA, then you must consider maritime shipping expenses.

Transport Equipment
Trailers, trucks and boom trucks fall in the transport category of Used Amusement Park Equipment. A factor which affects the price of trailers and trucks, aside from the year and model, is the size. Another factor which influences the pricing of this Used Amusement Park Equipment will be whether it has been refurbished and when. Normally, older trucks which have been recently refurbished may cost you anywhere between $30 to $40 thousand dollars. For an older tractor with a generator expect to pay as low as $15 thousand dollars. Your basic transport trailer, depending on the age, size and condition, may cost you as low as $2 thousand.

Food Preparation/Sale Related Equipment
The pricing on this type of Used Amusement Park Equipment will depend on the complexity and number of functions, and model. Naturally, newer models will cost more than older ones and, a multi-purpose one such as a piece of equipment which will bake and fry will cost you more than a simple hot dog machine. For example, a Quik n’ Crispy machine (bakes, fries and grills using only hot air) with 208V/240V, EC Model will cost you approximately $3 thousand (before taxes) while the GE5 Model of same voltage will cost you approximately $6 thousand, before taxes.

Display Equipment
Equipment in this category not only includes displays of retail goods but, also self-serve foodstuff. Used Amusement Park Equipment of this nature may be bought directly from the seller but, also from brokers who at times also sell an assortment of equipment in bulk. Brokers also have numerous connections in the industry and may also assist you in finding a better deal than the one you found on your own. It is recommended that you check them out also to see if you can obtain a better deal.

Expect to pay approximately $90 (before taxes) for used wall shelving measuring 4 feet in length. Because Used Amusement Park Equipment dealing with foodstuffs involves refrigeration expect to pay anywhere from $1 to $2 thousand dollars.

Whether you are considering purchasing a trailer or a fryer first ensure that you check out its availability as Used Amusement Park Equipment either through a broker or directly from the seller. You will be saving yourself a substantial amount of money!

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LaserMaxx for Children Aged 4 and Higher

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Attraction for young and older children
Laserfun is an exciting game for both children and adults. It is the highlight of children’s visits to an indoor playground or family entertainment center. The futuristic game combines fun and safety for young and old. This makes it the perfect attraction for celebrating a child’s birthday party. Recommended age group: 4 – 99.

The game
Laserfun is played by teams or individual players, shooting laser beams at eachother from laser guns. Each player wears a lightweight vest covered with electronic sensors that detect when it is hit by a laser. The microprocessor in the vest controls the player’s powers. Players win points by hitting opponents with their laser beam, and so contribute to the overall score of their team. Teams are recognized by the color of the lights on the vest.

Advanced games
For children age 8 and up, advanced play options make Laserfun even more exciting! They can get extra powers during the game. For example rapid fire, invisibility, and invulnerability. Mines are placed in the maze and can either deactivate a player or give him extra powers.

After the game is over, each player receives a scorecard. The players are ranked with the best player being number one. The scorecard shows exactly how many times a player was hit and by who. It also shows the team scores, highscores, etcetera. Even the accuracy of the shots for each player is given. Large LCD score screens can show the game scores in the bar area.

Two sizes: Junior and Senior
Laserfun vests are made in two sizes: Junior and Senior. Junior vests are specially designed to fit children aged 4 – 12, but they also fit adults comfortably. Senior vests are designed for adults and children aged 9 and higher. Both types of vests can be used within the same game, making it possible for parents to play Laserfun together with their children.

LaserMaxx technology
Laserfun vests are made with LaserMaxx technology. LaserMaxx is the largest European brand of lasertag system, and is well-known for its durability and excellent service department.

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VIDEO: LaserMaxxx Introduces the EVO-5

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Click here for information on Used arcade games.

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Click here for information on Used amusement park equipment.

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Used Laser Tag Equipment

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Laser tag equipments are getting popular with the advancements in technology as the days are passing by. If people are making out plans to buy a brand new laser tag, then they really need to think again. These days, new laser tag equipments become out dated immediately as the newer models get introduced. So, it is always recommended to buy used laser tag equipment rather than making investments on new apparatuses. The Laser Tag gear uses LED which is an acronym for light emitting diode and the concept is same as in the remote controls. The target will be destroyed after hitting the aiming destination and this is the reason that laser tag equipments are used in targeting sports or shooting. Used laser tag equipments have lot of advantages as compared to the newer ones and people can effortlessly opt for these equipments from the huge variety made available in the market.

Guidelines for Making Purchases

  • Laser tags come with Body Sensor packs as well as tagger guns and one can shop these used laser tag equipments at garage sales or flea markets.
  • Always ask the outdoor facility or local arena, if they have any used equipment for sale.
  • The online gamers or message board’s acts like a free classified, so customers can opt for these alternatives.
  • Online shopping is a great idea to shop used laser tag equipments, as it also offers great discounts.
  • One can also post “Wanted – Used Laser Tag Equipment” to get instant output. There are several websites to post these types of messages or one can also decide on for making advertisements on bulletin board.

Laser Tag Equipments

There are several equipments available such as laser tag toys, laser tag gear, laser tag sets, laser tag systems, laser tag weapons and laser tag guns to name a few. Laser Tag Equipments are used for two purposes, that is, receiving and transmitting information. Receiving and Transmitting Information is completed by electronic means using Infra red, Fiber optics, Radio Frequency and Laser. Lazer Runner helps in making combinations of Laser, Radio Frequency, fiber optic transmission and receiving of information. This is considered as the best way to complete transmitting and receiving of information.

Infra red Laser tag systems are very old in style and are easily repairable, but infrared beams face some major problems like:

  • The target can be very accurate and so they expand easily.
  • They are prone to misalignment which can cause inaccurate targeting and they have a very inadequate range.
    Lazer runner helps in solving maintenance issues by combining advanced fiber optic sensors, laser beam and Wireless Radio Frequency Transmissions.

No Download Stations or No Reactivations

Old styled Infrared laser Tag systems require downloading the station every time they are targeted by any player and in respect to Reactivations of the stations; they need constant maintenance and service. The old Laser Tag Systems need to convey information to the main computer, while Lazer runner uses advanced wireless technology, which helps in fast processing. Used laser tag equipment facilitates in saving money, as all other equipments are on heavy risks of getting destroying very easily.

Real Time Scoring

Lazer Runner has eliminated the need of reactivation or downloading of stations and it really decreases the maintenance time in comparison to old styled Lazer Runner. It also helps in sending instant scoring information to the main computer with the help of wireless radio frequency technology. The scores are instantly displayed on the Team score monitors that are located in Laser tag arena. All the scores displayed are like they have been displayed in Real time and most importantly there is no downloading error.

Complete Programmable and Fine Technology

The lazer runner tag system is fully programmable and one can customize any option from the list of preprogrammed games which already comes with the game. People can create their own team and can enjoy for prolonged time. The technology behind the lazer runner is fine enough and it is made up of sole microprocessors through which the data can be transferred at very fast speed.

Continuous Play

The technology helps in providing un- interrupted hours of long play. The new players can join the game as an “existing game”. This feature helps the users to save their prime time and they can also continue the game whenever they want to.

So, used laser tag equipment can play a vital role in the world of gaming and technology. There are several options to choose the favorite product and equipment. Customers can buy these valuable used equipments through internet by simply browsing some websites. There are lots of online vendors available on the internet that offer various types of equipments and people can effortlessly choose the best as per their requirement. In addition to this, people can also avail huge discounts on online purchasing of used laser tag equipment. For better convenience, people should verify the terms and conditions of the equipments to avoid any further inconvenience.

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