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Inflatable Games

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by Stewart Willett |

Inflatable games like slides, pools, tents and other products are the newest craze of kids these days. It is a marvelous addition to children parties and aside from theme; it brightens up the entire party Inflatable games prove to be a great deal for summer as summer is the most awful season. High temperature in summer gets over nerve and kids are highly irritable when summer arrives. Allowing kids for outdoor games in summer is not a healthy idea and parents hunt for ways to keep kids busy at home all day long. Today markets are over flooded with unique and functional inflatable products and it enables you to make playground in the backyard of the home. The secret behind the increasing demand of these products lies in its easy installation and protection attributes. These are immensely safe for kids and give a win-win position to parents and kids simultaneously.

There are innumerable companies offering high quality inflatable items and gives thrilling enjoyment without compromising on safety. These products are equally designed for girls and boys and you can opt princess, prince bounce castle, animal bounce and the pirate inflatable houses.

Interestingly, these products neither burden the pockets nor disturb the monthly budget because many companies are offering these games for rent and you can get party game rentals easily. Inflatable games rental are the marvelous fun idea for sport contest, retail businesses, radio promotional shows, grand real state openings, fairs and carnivals and other occasions. The amalgamation of safe playing environment with kids inflatable rentals and exclusive physical challenges give rise to an excited playing environment and ample excited stories to envy friends afterwards.

If you dream to buy inflatable bouncer, slide or any other item for your kids but, don’t having enough money, don’t lose heart because you can have it on rent. Best about party game rentals is when you are done for week or month etc. rental company comes and packs it and you don’t have to get worried about its cleansing and other necessary things like care or storage. One thing you have to keep in mind is these products demands a bit of maintenance and care to last for long. In case of any problem or malfunctioning rental company will charge you accordingly.

To keep your children busy just buy them inflatable games or go for inflatable games rental. No doubt, it is the most lucrative investment and is highly manageable business for the whole family. Some kids especially boys are always looking for ways to have active toys so, these inflatable products keep them physically active by offering various gaming challenges. It keeps their muscles strong, maintains their health and built their minds strongly. In markets you will be surprised to see the amazing collection of Montreal inflatable games and are available for all age groups. It is not just convenient for parents but, also offers a great entertaining deal for kids. Make sure that you bought the inflatable items from a reliable source having all the safety precautions. Bring life to your kids life with inflatable games and also add spice to your kids party with party game rentals.

A great opportunity to put a smile on everyone’s face. Great for birthdays, inflatable games rental, daycares, and home daycares also.


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Equipment Management Programs, are you Planning for the Future Today?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 | Permalink

by Max |

Today, I thought I would write about something most of us aren’t thinking about this time of year. That is selling used amusement equipment. The spring is usually when we are our most optimistic. We are getting in new rides, games, inflatables, and attractions; or we have just finished refurbishing some of them. We are not thinking about or planning to sell anything at this time of year. But, given the unpredictability of our industry, maybe you should be thinking about it. What I mean is you should have a process where you evaluate all your equipment as the season goes on.

I am mentioning this because of a recent experience with the general manager of a chain of family entertainment centers in the southeast. They came to me with several rides that have been in storage for several years. Some of them are missing wiring, fencing, and even motors as a result of vandals stealing them for the scrap metal value. I explained to them that amusement equipment doesn’t do anything but get worse in storage. I advised them to start a program where they would identify poor performing items so that by the time the ride is ready to be dismantled we already have a new home lined up for it. He agreed and this made me think that I should bring this topic up with my readers.

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If you notice that a certain piece of equipment isn’t being rented as often as it used to be, isn’t making as much money as in previous years, or is just getting older and nearing replacement; you can start planning for how you will dispose of it. You can take pictures in a variety of locations and in several different lighting conditions. You can record video of it in operation along with a voiceover introduction or description. You can gather complete technical information including any history of repairs. You could even list it for sale telling buyers that it will be available after a certain date. You can offer them for trade in exchange for items of equal value. And don’t forget about carnivals and fun fairs in other countries. Many showmen from Australia, South America, and South Africa will be looking to purchase used items in the middle of the summer in the United states and Europe. These are all things that the midway is ready and willing to assist with.

Selling used amusement equipment isn’t easy at any time, but especially in this difficult world economy; it takes longer. So, why wait until the end of the season to get started. Feel free to call or email with questions or to place a listing. I hope to hear from you soon.


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How to Start an Amusement Park Business

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An amusement park is one of the most visited places during summer. People of all ages and from all walks of life regardless of their financial status enjoy everything there is, from the foods being sold in carts, the party like ambiance and not to forget the simple rides to the most exquisite ones.

Several fun loving individuals would want to put up an amusement park business. They would want to make sure that the return of their investments would be doubled or maybe tripled.

Probably they would want to satisfy the child in them. And surely an amusement park is one of the most profitable businesses there is, though it also requires a very huge amount of investment it would also require ample time to make a comprehensive feasibility study on how you would be able to come up with a successful business. The feasibility study is the most crucial of the all; the physical planning is the first step in developing an amusement park.

Another factor to consider is the availability of any vacant land on which to construct your amusement park business. You need to think as to how big or how small would be the size of the amusement park that you would want to put up. Do you have enough funds for it? If yes, then go ahead; start right away as soon you are done with the planning stage. But if you do not have enough funds to be able to start one, you can ask the help of your family or friends to be your business partner/s.

The rides that you intend to put up in your amusement park should be kid friendly. But of course you would also want to provide rides for the young heart. Equipments for amusement parks used to be very hard to find. Nowadays, the web is the easiest way to look for the best deals in the market from finding amusement equipment, suppliers, indoor playgrounds, amusement activities and edutainment, rides and resources to design. You can also consider getting used amusement equipment. Used equipment in good condition will always save you money in the short term. If chosen carefully, buying used equipment is a smart way to save some of your capital.

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Food and beverage carts are also a must. Since most of the amusement parks do not encourage its clients to bring in food, you have to make sure that there would be several options for them and the best food and beverage service possible. You can also offer spaces in your amusement parks for fast food chains to put up food carts for additional income that would come from their monthly rental from the space that they would occupy. Another wise idea is for you to sell novelty and souvenir items of your amusement parks.

It’s not just the fun and enjoyment why people would always want to come back more often to your amusement park. Cleanliness and courtesy of the staffs can also be a contributing factor why they would love to come back more often.

Finally… advertise! There is no better way to make it known than advertising. Look for the best advertising company to make the most effective ad for your amusement park, make it brief but concise.


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Coin Operated Amusement Equipment Financing

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by Chris Mark Fletcher |

Coin operated amusement equipments are used extensively in the casino and video game industry. The owners of such sophisticated equipments generate high revenues, but incur high costs at the same time. Thus coin operated amusement equipment financing becomes essential for purchasing such high-priced equipments.

Coin operated pool tables provide a continuous stream of revenue to the owner. The machine has durable powder coated finish and is made up of a heavy duty aluminum frame. The stainless steel hardware ensures long lasting performance. Due to its added features, it costs high and thus calls for coin operated amusement equipment financing.

Video arcade machine is yet another coin operated amusement machine. It can be installed in restaurants, pubs, amusement parks and so on. It uses solid state electronics and integrated circuits. It uses special hardware with multiple CPU, sound and graphic chips and boards. It can be controlled through a personal computer or through some realistic means. It can also include some accessories like light guns, car, plane cockpit or motorbike model. The modern video arcades are highly sophisticated and expensive. Hence many amusement park owners find it wise to seek coin operated amusement equipment financing.

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Pinball machine too is coin operated amusement equipment. It is similar to other mechanical games but it may also be used as a gambling device. However nowadays it is used for amusement purposes only. Pinball machine has become a popular theme in computer games too. Though it helps generate revenues for the owner from the very first day, the machine is quite pricey and so many business owners look for coin operated amusement equipment financing to purchase this machine.

Redemption game machine is controlled automatically by the winning percentage of players. When the player pushes start button, the arrows are shown in the display panel. The player needs to hit the punch head with the hammer so that he can turn around the play field. The game provides a lot of fun and pleasure to the players especially to the children. Hence it is essential in an amusement park. Due to its great features, it is very expensive. Therefore, coin operated amusement equipment financing becomes essential to acquire this machine.

The coin operated amusement equipments, though expensive are essential in restaurants, amusement parks and other public places. They are not at all an expense but an investment. The business owner can get revenue from the equipment even from the first day itself.

There are some reliable financing companies that have great experience in general equipment financing. They understand the need for these types of equipment in any entertainment places and so they are ready to provide easy financial assistance for interested candidates to acquire them. The business owner would not be required to meet any embarrassing procedures to get the desired amount. A simple online application is enough to get fast approval. Sometimes the business owner would get the amount even on the same day. They grant coin operated amusement equipment financing in better terms. Hence the business owners can repay the amount in low monthly installment.

It is also a good idea to take a look at used amusement equipment. You can get coin operated amusement equipment in very good condition, at lower cost.

Therefore it is possible for almost all amusement park owners to buy all the essential coin operated amusement equipment.


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Amusement Equipment Leasing

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General equipment leases options may help the new amusement center developer improve your business or expand your business. However some lease options may be expensive and so you need to go for general equipment financing to fulfill your needs.

There are various types of loans available for general equipment financing. However, coin operated amusement equipment such as arcade games, redemption games, and even some other indoor play activities like inflatable playgrounds and soft contained indoor play structures or climbing gyms. The equipment not only provides fun to people but also provides revenue to the companies through activity diversification. Some reliable financing companies offer financial assistance at low interest rates to acquire this type of amusement equipment. It is also a good idea to get used amusement equipment in good condition. Used amusement equipment might include used arcade games, used park rides, used laser tag equipment, etc.

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Vending machine financing comes under a general equipment financing category. Vending machines provide a source of revenue for some indoor fun businesses as well as full featured family entertainment centers. A bottle vending machine, can vending machine or juice vending machine help generate revenues for the respective amusement center business. Some business owners may want a number of such vending machines for their impulse-buy revenue opportunities. These amusement owners can generally find financial help from any of the genuine amusement equipment financing companies.

Fitness and exercise equipment also comes under the general equipment category for the purpose of financing. These equipments are essential for a gym, fitness center or a fun centers whose business goals include family-fit. Nowadays people are willing to spend more for exercises and fitness routines, if they can be positioned as a one-stop easy fit program that caters to the entire family. Today, that includes making fitness fun, especially for the younger set. Hence a gym or fitness center must contain modern equipment in order to inspire their customers. However some of the equipments like exercise bike, treadmill, rowing machine are expensive. Hence general equipment financing helps them flourish their business by way of providing loans at low interest rates to acquire fitness and exercise equipment.

Building maintenance equipment like carpet cleaning machine, floor scrubbing machine, polishing equipment are essential for amusement centers to clean and maintain their buildings. Some companies may require garbage disposal equipment like cardboard crushers or can crushers. In larger fun centers, this equipment can dramatically improve customer perception and help minimize the work of facility maintenance staff. They may not be cheap and so general equipment financing is often needed to acquire this equipment.

Fixture financing helps in acquiring any fixtures like lighting systems, shelving, cabinets display cases and other redemption and/or food service counters.

General equipment financing can be an resource of initial funding if the new family fun business meets some base requirements. Although harder for amusement start-ups, there are companies out there willing to write lease options for your amusement business.


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9 Steps to Develop a Family Fun Center

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by John Gerner |

If you’re thinking about developing a family entertainment center, the following advice is for you. It’s from my 20+ years of consulting experience with new leisure attractions, and watching many who have gone down the path you’re looking at right now. One of the real benefits of our industry is shared experience. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to FECs. Sure, there are always improvements that can be made to the concept, but it’s a proven one with an established track record that now spans decades. With that in mind…

First, look within yourself and think about why you want to develop a FEC. If the main reason is to get rich, think again. Although there’s always the feeling that a clever new idea can lead to great fortune, few in our business actually do get rich developing leisure attractions and those that do probably didn’t think they would when they started. If your main reason is to take on the challenge of developing a thriving fun business that could entertain thousands every year, then welcome, we need more like you. Many FEC developers are actually buying themselves a job, and an enjoyable one at that. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the motivation driving most of the small businesses today in our country. The goal of being your boss, doing something you enjoy, and hopefully building something of value that you can pass on someday to others.

Second, you’re going to need money. Not all of it, that’s what lending institutions like banks, help with. But you’re going to need what we call “seed money”. If you’re the creative type that simply wants to conceptualize and not deal with money, this is the time to begin finding a business partner. The leisure attractions industry has benefited time and time again from pairing creative and business types. I’m sure you’ve heard of Walt and Roy Disney.

How much seed money you’re going to need is hard to say. I’ve been asked if there is some way that a consultant can provide a “preliminary” feasibility analysis that would help get this seed money. Sadly, the answer is no. Any worthwhile feasibility report is going to take considerable time and effort.

Think carefully about the general risk involved in developing a new business. There are no guarantees and you will need to be comfortable with these risks before you can seriously move forward.

A good idea for keeping the costs in check is getting used amusement equipment for your family entertainment center. Examples of second-hand equipment you can get for your FEC are: used arcade games, used park rides, used laser tag equipment, etc. Just check the equipment is in good condition.

Third, you should have a good idea of what type of family entertainment center you want to develop. One type is not inherently better than another; such as indoor versus outdoor or teen-oriented versus children-oriented. This is the time to educate yourself as much as you can about FECs. The Family Entertainment Center Directory is a good start, but you should expand your education. In particular, you should visit as many family entertainment centers as you can, and see first-hand what you like and don’t like. Soon, you should have a good idea of what you want to develop.

Fourth, you should also have a good idea where you want to develop your family entertainment center. Ideally, you should have a specific site in mind.

Fifth, you’re very likely going to need a feasibility study unless you have the financial resources to develop the project on your own. That’s because our industry, like most, has its own version of the golden rule and it says “the one with the gold makes the rules”. Lenders and other investors want to see an objective, analytical report prepared by an expert that evaluates the potential of your proposed type of FEC at your prospective location. This effort might be divided into separate market and financial feasibility studies, but typically it is done in a single report.

Although you’ve paid for it, the feasibility study is not written directly for you. It’s written for prospective lenders and investors, and assumes they have little if any knowledge of family entertainment center. That’s why it will often begin by describing the FEC concept, a topic you probably already know much about.

The study will then likely identify the potential markets for your proposed FEC, through distance rings, travel corridors, or other means. It may or may not include tourists, depending on the location. It should present the size of each market segment and its demographic characteristics. It should project potential attendance by applying market penetration rates to these market segments, influenced by the quality of these markets, competition, and the experience of comparable FECs elsewhere.

The feasibility study should provide general physical recommendations to ensure that the proposed FEC will physically be able to effectively service its expected attendance. This study, however, does not design the FEC and should give the designers flexibility.

The study should also project potential financial performance and provide guidance on the total development costs needed to achieve a worthwhile return-on-investment to investors. This amount needs to be high enough to provide the “critical mass” of experiences needed to achieve its market potential, yet avoid overbuilding. An FEC can often be expanded later if needed, but downsizing is generally very difficult. With the feasibility study in hand, you’re ready to continue moving forward.

Sixth, you should prepare a detailed business plan for your proposed family entertainment center. Its purpose differs from the feasibility study. The feasibility study is prepared by an outside expert and hopefully demonstrates the potential of your proposed FEC. If not, you will need to make changes to the concept and/or location. Even a positive feasibility study does not predict or guarantee success. Instead, it shows the potential performance if the FEC is developed and managed effectively.

The business plan shows how you plan to effectively develop and manage the FEC so that it will achieve the potential identified in the feasibility study. Although the business plan may partially or completely be prepared by outsiders, it is ultimately your document. It will need to persuade skeptical readers that you can actually make this happen. They will look hard at the top people involved in the project that are described in the business plan, and will want comfort that these individuals are qualified.

Seventh, you may need initial design and concept development work as part of the complete package to present to prospective investors and lenders. I’m not a designer, so I won’t speak for that profession concerning this particular step. There are many fine design firms in our industry that will be happy to discuss this with you and you should begin talking with them early in the planning process. There may also be other consultants needed to effectively move the planning process forward.

Eighth, you may need to bring in other equity investors. Banks and other lending institutions will rarely provide all of the funds needed to develop the FEC, so the remaining amount has to be provided by equity investors. Since the lenders will likely have liens on the assets of the FEC, the equity investors have higher risks, but also have the potential to reap the higher rewards from a successful operation.

Ninth, you have funding in place and are ready to begin construction. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve accomplished quite a bit and should take a moment to celebrate. More challenges lie ahead, but you’re well on your way.


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