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Advanced Technology: Next Generation Laser Tag … just like computer games … taking the world by Storm

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( October 23, 2010 —
Laser Tag is changing the face of the entertainment business. Delta Strike, a New Zealand based company, is the world’s no. 1 supplier of quality and innovative laser tag systems and equipment. For those thinking of setting up a successful family entertainment centre, theme park or laser tag business and staying

ahead of the competition today can be challenging. Consumers are getting more and more demanding, expecting to be ‘thrilled’ with continuously new experiences. However, there are some

very profitable Laser tag businesses emerging, who are winning over the laser tag market simply because they decided to start playing a different game: that of next generation laser tag … a new

laser tag experience that is taking the world by storm.

Why? Because it is addictive … Just like computer games, players want to play again and again – accumulating more points and ‘shooting’ their way up the scoreboard.
So what makes this latest laser tag experience so different? The laser tag industry leader in technology innovation, Delta Strike, explains.

This laser tag system was developed after gathering extensive information and rigorous testing. laser tag equipment contains features that makes the ‘first person shooter’

computer games so addictive, but have never been seen before in the laser tag industry. These features include:

• The ability to earn game points during the laser tag game, have a shield or ‘health’ and collect multiple weapons or tools, just like in computer games.
• A graphic LCD Head Up Display on the laser tag gun that can display your player name, weapons available, shield level, your score, name of the player you just tagged, real time game message etc.
• An advanced space-age laser tag gun containing 4 action buttons plus a trigger for excellent game control and making the laser tag experience more ‘real’.

• Unrivalled laser tag membership functionality includes points ladder, multi-centre membership, membership access from home etc.
• In addition, the laser tag gun that can be used indoors or outdoors with a shooting range of 30 meters – in bright sunlight.

And to ensure players keep coming back, Delta Strike is currently working on adding even more features to their laser tag gun, which will be released later in the year. Despite offering so much

functionality, the winning factor for many customers is that the system is still so easy to use:

Grant Richardson of Strike Entertainment says, “My four year daughter can play! The very young kids just run round tagging each other furiously and the older kids get more into the strategy.

People take on as much as they have the ability to use. ”

But that’s not all … Delta Strike has also developed a new set of laser tag arena components that makes players feel they are actually inside a computer game. How is this possible? They can

now make your laser tag arena props, that normally just ‘stand’ there come alive and actually interact with the players.

Players can shoot it and it can shoot players, it can dispense weapons or points and it interacts “intelligently”, producing audio and visual responses, which are part of the game itself. IT’S


Needless to say, Delta Strike customers are impressed.

As Star Tracks General Manager, Chuck Starrit puts it: “Personally I feel the Delta Strike system is like stepping into a realistic arcade game, the customers absolutely love it.”

So in summary, what is the key to laser tag success and profit? Invest in a laser tag system that promises to surprise and challenge players during the years to come getting them ‘addicted’ so

they keep coming back to play again and again.

Plus, find out what has worked for other successful laser tag operators. One useful source of information is the laser tag academy

(, which provides independent laser tag information and useful tips which could provide the key to setting up and running a successful laser tag

business … so don’t delay, start researching now and get ready to become the most successful laser tag business around.

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