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DIY Cotton Candy Machine

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 | Permalink

by David Weinberg |

The specialized hardware required to make cotton candy usually limits it to a carnival food. At its simplest, a cotton candy machine is basically just a spinning heated container filled with sugar. As the sugar melts, it liquefies and slips through holes in the container. The sugar cools as it comes out of the holes and turns into long threads.The threads then stick onto the outside of a bowl that is placed around the outside of the container.

Below you will find instructions on how to make your DIY cotton candy machine!


1. Drill small holes outside the tin can in columns of three. The columns should wrap all the way around the can with each set of holes being about 1/8 inch away from the next hole. The holes should be about as thick as a pin.

2. Press the bottom of the can against the blade on the blender so that the blender blade perforates the bottom of the can. Center the blade in the middle of the base of the can. Glue the can in place against the blender’s blade. Allow the glue to fully dry according to the instructions on the bottle.

3. Position the lighter or hair dryer so that the heat source heats the center of the tin can. Ensure that the rotating blender will not hit the heat source.

4. Surround the entire machine with cardboard. Tape the pieces of cardboard together to make a bowl around the assembly. The cotton candy will collect on this cardboard when you run the machine.

5. Add a thin layer of sugar to the bottom of the can, turn on the heat source and turn the blender on its slowest speed setting. Collect the wisps of cotton candy off the cardboard with the wooden dowel.

Tips & warnings:

  • Use caution with your heat source.


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Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 | Permalink

There couldn’t be a better time than the present to consider the possibilities of a vending machine business. With the state of the economy becoming more questionable by the minute and the possibilities of vending machines profits remaining steady, it just makes sense. The benefits of vending have become more worthy of consideration as the possibilities of being laid off, having your pay cut and just not having enough cash become more real. Even if you aren’t worried about your job you might just be bored, and owning an electronic vending machine is a great way to start a business and be your own boss.

A cotton candy vending machine business could potentially become your full time job. Check out for used cotton candy vending machines.

Most people start a vending machine business because they want a source of passive income to supplement their salary, but some people turn it into a full time business that serves as their primary source of income. While 65 percent of these industrialists start out using their vending machines profits as a part time income source, 80 percent of those will eventually build the business into a full time job. If you start with one electronic vending machine you can eventually use the profits from that to buy another, and continue doing so until you have vending locations all over town making money for you.

If you want to turn a vending machine business into your primary source of income, you will need to start out by writing down a business plan so all of your ideas will be clear and uncluttered. Then you will probably have to evaluate your capital investment and analyze the areas where you are going to allocate your time and money. The vending locations will be extremely important. You want to place your machines in areas that are crowded with foot traffic where people might feel the need to stop for whatever it is that you are selling. Also make sure to buy your electronic vending machine from a reputable dealer that offers vending machine guarantees and warranties.

cotton candy vending machine business could potentially become your full time job. Plan carefully and act wisely, and you could be your own boss in no time.


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