The greatest theme park press release of all time

Kudos to Disneyland for a press release that spins faster than an amped up Mad Tea Party teacup.

Let’s get straight to the goodness, shall we?

In the spirit of Walt Disney’s renowned ability to create magic, the Disneyland Resort is sprinkling some pixie dust on the calendar and virtually creating an “8th Day” in its operating week in anticipation of high demand for the new Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage attraction, which resurfaces June 11 in the Tomorrowland Lagoon. The subs return as part of the ongoing Year of a Million Dreams celebration at the Disneyland Resort.

Starting June 11, the day the subs resurface, guests will be allowed to join the queue until official park closing and the subs will continue their voyages to find Nemo for up to 2 1/2 hours after park closing.

“We’re very excited to bring back the classic subs attraction, which we know will appeal to guests of all ages,” said Ed Grier, President, Disneyland Resort. “In order to meet what we believe will be very high demand, we’re virtually adding an ‘8th day’ to the week.”

Disney’s long had a policy that park closing time means queue closing time. If you are on line when the park closes, you get to go through the queue and ride.

So, decoding the press release, what Disneyland’s really saying is… it expects the Nemo queue to be two and a half hours long… at midnight!

The “eighth day” is really just seventeen extra operating hours added to the Tomorrowland labor budget to handle the crowds without cutting the queue early. Of course, if Disneyland did, it’d just have to extend labor hours for the Main Street Guest Relations desk to handle all the ticked-off guests. 😉

Let me take this opportunity to reiterate Robert’s Rule of Theme Park Visits: Get there before the park opens in the morning!

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