Amusement Park Accidents

July 08, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement parks provide a wonderful day of fun and excitement for the family. However, safety must be exercised in order to avoid a tragic ending to a fun-filled day.

Amusement parks compete to have the highest, fastest and most frightening rides for their customers, and the competition is very intense. It is in this forum that the ride designs must be checked by mechanical engineers to make sure once the ride is installed, it is going to be easy to maintain and fail proof as far as safety for the customers. Many of these rides require daily maintenance that is essential to the safety of the customers and the methodology of maintaining, inspecting and governing these rides is paramount.

If, unfortunately, someone is injured as a result of defective ride maintenance, it is important to know exactly the standard of care for maintaining amusement park rides and how such maintenance should be documented. Many accidents result from operator inattention or an inadequately trained operator. If an accident occurs as a result of operator negligence, it is important to learn what the standard of care for operating the ride was. There are several areas that are essential to the training of ride operators that insure the safety of the customer utilizing and enjoying that ride.

The owners of the amusement/theme parks and their insurance companies fight quite hard to avoid any payment of claims for fear of negative publicity which can affect their attendance rates and bottom-line profit. As a result of the staunch defense in amusement park cases, it often takes immediate and intensive investigation, experts from all over the country, and engineers to build a strong and effective case against the amusement parks and their stable of in-house investigators, experts and lawyers.

In addition to the large amusement parks, many accidents take place at local fairs and carnivals which are relatively short-term entertainment events. One of the major problems encountered with these short-term events is that the operating safety procedures and standards are not nearly as stringent as those governing the large amusement parks. Rides are repeatedly assembled and disassembled only to be moved to a different location week after week. Obviously, when a local fair comes into town, it is essential to get the rides up and running as soon as possible. The storing, transportation and maintenance of the rides and operating equipment are sometimes simply not done in the best interest of the customers. Rides are over-used, maintenance is often not performed, and sometimes the smallest of parts is compromised leaving a dangerous situation for the customer. Simply, these rides at local fairs are not as safe as they should be.

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