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Inflatable Obstacle Courses are Fun for your Summer Vacations

Thursday, March 28th, 2013 | Permalink

by Paki Peng |

It is believed that summer is the best time when you can try out several outdoor sports. Inflatable games are those games which can easily make your summer vacations special and full of fun. Inflatable obstacle courses are inflatable games which you can play with your friends as well as guests. If you are a sports lover, then certainly you will love inflatable obstacle courses. One thing should be noted is that if you are having the water slides in obstacles courses, then surely your fun is going to get double.

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There is no doubt in the fact that inflatable obstacle courses are extremely enjoyable as they challenge your mind as well as your body. Though inflatable courses present challenges, it does not mean that the obstacles are very hard to accomplish. It is important to note that there is no such complex or difficult technique involved in play this game. There are only some simple techniques which can be learn by anybody. With some basic knowledge, you can clear all the obstacles. The best part about this game is that one can be slower or quicker to clear the obstacles, but no healthy person will fail to accomplish all the obstacles.

This sport is known to be quite simple as well as easy and one can play this game barefoot. Inflatable obstacle courses do not require any special dress or shoes. If you are wearing your regular-fit t-shirt as well as jeans, then you are all ready to play this game. The interesting thing about this game is that entire family can play this sport and have real fun. There are some of the people who have objected to violent video games as well as loud music in a special event, but it is essential to note that no one has ever filed a complaint about inflatable courses. There is no doubt in the fact that this game is a clean entertainment game which can provide you with lots of fun.

If your summer vacations are approaching, then it will be a good idea to include inflatable obstacle courses in your schedule. If you are thinking that this game is quite hard to install, then you are wrong. Always remember that the installation as well as dismantling of this game is extremely easy and hassle free.


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How to Set Up a Jumping Castle Business

Thursday, March 14th, 2013 | Permalink

by Thomas Ferraioli |

Opening a jumping castle, bounce house, or moon bounce business, is ideal for those who like to be around happy families. Your jumping castle business can take many forms, depending on how you want to run your business. You may want to run a rental company for birthdays and corporate events, rent space at fairs or flea markets and charge an admission fee, rent retail space as a permanent indoor amusement park or combine all three.

Step 1
Register your business with your state. Inflatable businesses, like other amusement ride operations, must comply with state and local safety rules and legislation pertaining to ride equipment and ride operators. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps an updated list of each state’s agency that oversees amusement rides.

Step 2
Purchase inflatable bounce houses. Choose several different kinds, such as straight bounce houses, castles with giant inflatable slides and obstacle courses. How many you purchase initially is dictated by how much financing you have. Insurance costs are determined by the number of bounce houses you own and how often they are rented, according to Owning too many bounce houses upfront could make your overhead too expensive.

Step 3
Market your services by advertising in local newspapers, yellow pages and creating an online presence. Rent space at flea markets and fairs. You can make money by charging an admission fee and use this opportunity to book private party rentals.

Step 4
Set up a separate phone line and an email account to stay in contact with customers. An office calendar allows you to keep track of rentals and bookings.

Step 5
Train employees with an accredited training program. Safety is a major concern in the amusement industry. Although bounce houses seem innocent enough, the risk of injury is great. Torn parts, as well as improper set-up, can lead to someone getting hurt, which could be followed by an insurance claim or potential lawsuit against your company. Consult the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization for information on receiving an insurance discount when you and your employees complete an accredited training program.


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How to Choose the Best Bounce House for your Backyard

Friday, March 1st, 2013 | Permalink

by Ryan Keeven |

Are you ready to entertain the kids for the summer and summer parties? You maybe thinking snacks, balloon animals and a picnic table. Your child is thinking bounce house!

Don’t rent a bounce house, when you can save and have long lasting fun by purchasing your own bouncy castle. Just be sure to choose the right inflatable bouncer for your backyard.

Don’t rent a bounce house, when you can save and have long lasting fun by purchasing your own bouncy castle. Buying used inflatable games might be a good compromise. Visit for used cutting edge creations (very little use).

There are some things to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right inflatable bounce house for your situation. Will your child like the single person bounce house or would they like friends to jump with them? Should you incorporate the theme of your jumping party into the inflatable bouncer or keep it simple? What about size? Here are a few things to consider when determining the best moon jump for your needs.

Size. It is important to first determine the size of your backyard and how big of a moonwalk you can fit in it. Inflatable bounce houses can also be pretty tall. Therefore, it is important to determine if any trees may get in the way and possibly damage your bouncer. Do you have enough room for a bounce house with a slide? Choosing a smaller inflatable bounce house may also result in less children being able to play at the same time. You may also have your child’s “bounce and party” at a park location. In that case, a bouncy castle, such as the Bounce and Slide Castle, is perfect for large parties!

Age limit. Some larger inflatable bouncers may not be suitable for smaller children. It is important to know the ages of the children attending who will be jumping.. The age limit typically begins at around four years of age. These smaller children will enjoy things such as the ball pit or smaller inflatable slides attached to these bounce houses. For younger children consider inflatable bouncers such as the or the My Little Playhouse Bouncer. Older children may enjoy more physically involved activities from an inflatable moonwalk. The Hoops N Hops 5 Inflatable Jumper provides basketball, a slide, and they can even just jump for fun in the huge bouncing area!

Party theme. Many of the inflatable bouncers are based on a particular theme to meet every child and parent’s wants and likes. Basic moonwalk inflatables, such as the Curved Double Slide Bouncer, are meant for a universal audience and will be loved by everyone! However, if your child has a special style or your party has a theme you can choose a bounce house designed around jungle animals,race cars, magic dragons and more.

Why not rent. Some parents automatically think to rent a jump house. However, the conditions of these rentals are never really known and they can be unreliable. Also, many inflatable bounce house rental companies just do not have a large selection. It is understandable that purchasing a jump house is an investment. However, the price you pay once for a bounce house will be much less expensive than renting one every year for a bounce house party. Better yet, your child gets to enjoy an inflatable jumper all year long when you purchase your own. The right choice may be to purchase your own bounce house and use it when and however you want to without going to service provider.

There are many things us parents should research before making the decision to buy our children anything. Inflatable bounce houses and castles should be an easy decision since it is almost guaranteed fun and hours of entertainment for your children. If your child wants a bouncing castle or inflatable slide or an obstacle course of fun then now is the time to find that perfect backyard attraction. Turn your house into the house that every kid wants to be at when you have your own bounce house in the backyard. Just be sure to have enough lemonade.


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