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Things to Consider when Buying Vintage Pinball Machines

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 | Permalink

by Randy Sorrentino |

Looking to buy vintage pinball machines? It is hard to find vintage paintball machines in mint condition with all of their original parts intact and still working flawlessly and if you are new to collecting vintage pinball machines, it may be hard for you to determine which brands are authentic vintage pinball machines you plan to purchase. Here are some things to consider when buying vintage pinball machines:

1. The well-known major manufacturers of vintage pinball machines are Gottlieb, Williams, Stern, Bally, and Chicago Coin, just to name a few. The more reputable the maker is, the more valuable the vintage pinball machines are.

2. Being antiques, expect them to be pricey. Brand new pinball machines would usually cost around $5,000. Used pinball machines with high end restorations are the priciest with prices ranging from $9,000 to $18,000, some special edition vintage pinball machines even more. So, when looking for vintage pinball machines, if the price goes way below $9,000, it is okay to be skeptical.

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3. When buying a pinball machine, it is best to find out more details about it like if it is new or pre-owned, its mechanical and cosmetic condition, its machine popularity and rarity and its game rules and complexity of the game play. Buying online is okay and safe, but if you buy from a physical store, you will be able to check for cosmetic damages and other flaws. There is more information that you can gather regarding vintage pinball machines, such as pinball machine repair services, shipping and delivery, warranty, returns and refund policies.

4. As much as possible, buy vintage pinball machines that do not have too many damages. You might think vintage pinball machines that cost less than a grand area a steal, but you might be stricken down with repair fees later on that you’ll end paying as much as you would for brand new pinball machines.

You can look at photos of new and used vintage pinball machines online to compare them and find the price range for each model. Researching more about vintage pinball models is the key to purchasing and excellent quality product. Now is the time to buy classic arcade game machines, as prices will only increase in the near future. Add vintage pinball machines to your arcade game collection and impress and entertain your family and friends!


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Healthy School Vending Machines

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 | Permalink

by Eliza Martinez |

Vending machines are found in schools across the United States; 43% of elementary schools, 74% of middle schools, and 98% of high schools have them, reports the National Association of School Nurses. However, most of them are filled with unhealthy snacks that include chips, candy and soda. With the rise in childhood obesity, many schools want to make changes regarding what snacks are available to students. Healthy snack vending machines are an option that many schools have tried out with success.

Healthy snack vending machines are an option that many schools have tried out with success.


When a school chooses to set up vending machines on campus, it benefits monetarily when students purchase snacks. For this reason, many schools worry that removing them would cause financial struggles since the profits have come to be relied on. Several companies have come forward with healthy alternatives to typical vending machine fare, including Fresh Healthy and Human Healthy Vending. According to Vendu-cation, these machines have been just as or more successful in test situations than traditional ones, meaning that schools are still able to profit from them.


Snack selection depends on what company a healthy vending machine is contracted with, but the selections include nutrient-dense snacks that support a child’s health and learning. Typical offerings include granola and cereal bars, string cheese, yogurt, pudding, trail mix, nuts, baked chips, fruit cups and sliced vegetables. Those that sell beverages usually offer low-fat milk, water or 100 percent fruit juice.

The results of a Gallup Youth Survey presented by USA Today reports that 67 percent of high school students purchase food from vending machines. Substituting healthy snacks means those children are not consuming as much fat, calories, salt or sugar.


Schools see financial benefits from placing healthy vending machines on campus, but these snacks offer benefits for each student who chooses them. Growing children need extra nutrients to support their development, and healthy snacks are an important part of a child’s diet. The right snack will satisfy hunger and contribute to nutrient intake at the same time. Children who eat a snack in the morning and afternoon are better able to concentrate in the classroom, improving comprehension and retention of material. Most hungry children tend to eat what is there, so placing healthy snacks in the vending machines makes it likely that most students will choose one.

The School’s Role

While placing healthy snacks in the hallways may promote more children to eat them, teachers are responsible for educating children on the importance of healthy snacking habits. Health and gym classes are good opportunities to discuss nutrition and fitness and how they both play roles in a healthy lifestyle, now and as children get older. A healthy vending machine is a good way to introduce the topic.


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