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Fair rides meet high safety standards, experts say

Sunday, September 26th, 2010 | Permalink

By David Dykes
Business writer
Greenville News

Jerry Barber, a veteran of the amusement ride industry, has a simple safety tip for families headed for the Upper South Carolina State Fair over the next few days.

“This is many, many, many times the most important thing,” he said. “Fasten their seatbelt in their car on the way to the fair.”

The truth is, he said, “that car is so much more dangerous than amusement rides, it’s not even in the same ballgame.”

Amusement rides take center stage today as the Upper South Carolina State Fair opens its 11-day run at the Greenville-Pickens Speedway near Easley.

Amusement rides, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, are some of the safest recreational activities.

The injuries that do occur, according to experts, stem from rider misconduct.

“You get people running out while the ride’s running and trying to touch the girlfriend on the shoulder, or something like that, and they miss,” said Barber, who has designed and built amusement park rides all over the world and lives in Greenville.

Most states, including South Carolina, have mandatory regulations or inspection programs to ensure ride safety.

Minimal accidents

Duane Scott, the state’s administrator for the Office of Elevators and Amusement Rides, a division of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, said he doesn’t have data on amusement ride accident rates in South Carolina.

But the accident rate is “very minimal,” he said.

Jim Knight, spokesman for the labor department, said, “When there’s an accident, the vast majority of the time it’s not the ride, it’s patron error, not following the instructions of the ride operator or doing some unsafe act on the ride.”

Scott has a budget of $875,000 for elevator and amusement ride inspection programs and his inspectors are trained in both areas. He has 12 state inspectors and about six licensed special inspectors.

Once amusement ride operators pass an inspection, they are given permits to operate, Scott said.

Before rides are open to the public, state inspectors check installations, structural soundness, passenger restraints, electrical safety and operating manuals, he said. They also check the rides during a couple of operating cycles, Scott said.

Operators also are required to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on their rides and must provide written documentation that the work has been performed, Scott said.

All the while, federal officials are reviewing mobile amusement-ride accidents that cause serious injury.

In 1998, for example, following an in-depth investigation into what caused a Reverchon Himalaya ride to eject three riders at a Texas rodeo, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued additional guidelines to ensure riders’ safety. One rider was killed and two others were seriously injured when the Himalaya’s lap bar failed in Austin.

After the incident, the commission issued three safety alerts to states for inspection of the ride in critical areas. Commission officials asked ride operators and inspectors to check eight specific components, including fastener pins, rubber shock absorbers and center spindles.

In a separate action, as a precautionary measure, the commission also urged all states to immediately inspect certain other mobile amusement rides in accordance with the manufacturer’s safety bulletin.

State inspections

While the agency has jurisdiction over the mobile rides that move from place to place, commission officials said states and local communities are responsible for inspections and oversight.

Joyce Brady, co-owner of Playworld Unlimited, an Alma, Mich.-based company that owns the midway rides that will be used at this year’s Upper State Fair, said her trained, traveling crews appear at about 30 events a year. The company has been working fairs and festivals for 26 years.

“We’re out there supervising and helping and making sure that things go smoothly,” she said.

“Every piece of equipment here has a manual,” she said. “And when you’re training somebody, they have to have read the manual and know what the safety procedures are during setup, what the safety procedures are during taking a piece of equipment down, as well as during operation, before they’re even able to run it.”

For his part, Barber knows the world of free-fall amusement rides and carousel rocking horses.

He operated an amusement ride manufacturing company for many years and ran an international school of amusement ride safety for 10 years.

Now 70, he has a company that specializes in financing for amusement park equipment.

An Ohio State graduate, he once taught high school physics and chemistry and was a high school principal.

He said his father owned a traveling carnival.

The reason amusement rides are so safe is something that’s “obvious to almost everybody, but nobody really notices it,” Barber said.

“With the exception of roller coasters, none of the rides go more than 25 miles an hour,” Barber said. “Now any kid can ride his bicycle at 25 miles an hour.”

“Really, they don’t need to worry much about amusement ride safety,” he said of the public. “Obviously, you can worry about an airplane taking off and falling on top of your house. You can worry about anything you want.”

There are 300 to 400 traveling carnivals in the United States but, statistically, the number of accidents “is extremely small,” Barber said.

On amusement rides, 5 percent of injury accidents are design-related, he said. In addition, 15 percent of the accidents are maintenance-oriented, he said.

The remaining 80 percent are caused by either riders or equipment operators, but mostly riders, Barber said.

The public also might not be impressed by carnival workers who have had to set up and tear down the rides “and they’ve still got grease under their fingernails,” Barber said.

They might not wear the same quality clothing the college kids do who work at amusement parks, he said.

However, “an awful lot of these kids working on the carnivals grew up on a farm,” he said. “They’re just much more — I’ll call it machinery-oriented. And that just makes a big difference in their awareness of any potential problem.”

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XIII Russian Trade Show Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA – 2011.

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Organized by : Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)

Supported by:

International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), Trade Show International Company and also the Moscow Government.

1. Exhibition Theme:

Amusement rides: park and extreme ones;
Inflatables and inflatable constructions;
Water rides, equipment for water parks, swimming pools and beaches;
Equipment for kiddie and sports grounds;
Bowling, billiards and sport equipment;
3D/4D/5D/6D cinemas; simulators and amusement machines;
Entertainment equipment, interactive games, laser tags, shooting galleries;
Battery and pedal cars, go-carts and racing tracks;
Lighting, laser and acoustic equipment;
Parks, family entertainment centers, network operators of the entertainment equipment, associations;
Organization of active leisure, festivals, amusement and pyrotechnical shows,
Garden equipment, small architecture forms;
Access control equipment;
Vending machines, fast-food equipment in the parks;
Juke boxes and payment terminals;
Certification, diagnostics and maintenance of amusement rides and entertaining equipment;

Representatives of regions’ and cities’ administrations, directors of parks, water parks and family entertainment centers, resorts, leisure enterprises, businessmen and other parties of concern are invited to the Exhibition.

“Round tables” on the amusement industry development in Russia will take place in the framework of the exhibition.
On March 14-15, 2011 the XVI International conference “Entertainment business in Russia. Safety problems. Operation. Leisure organization. New formats ” will take place.

2. Exhibition Participation Terms:

Registration fee . Included:

accreditation of one representative of the company, entry in the catalogue (90 characters) in Russian and in English,
a copy of the catalogue, two badges for each 6 sq. m., invitation tickets, vehicle entry pass to VVTs territory during mounting and dismantling periods, invitation to the official opening reception, informational materials 250Є
Registration of the additional company representative 100 Є Cost of 1 sq. m. Fitted space (minimum – 6 sq.m) 250Є
Cost of 1 sq. m. Space only (minimum 10 sq.m) 210Є
Cost of 1 sq. m. Outdoor space (minimum 20 sq.m) 50Є
Indirect Participation fee (placement of promotional materials at the “Indirect Participation” booth; entry in the Exhibitor s Catalogue up to 90 characters, including contact details) 450Є
Placement of advertising materials in the Exhibitors’ Catalogue depending on the size 60-700Є

Attention! All baseline costs are given without VAT.

Extra payment is required for:

Corner booth location – 10% added to the baseline cost
Selection of booth location – 15% added to the baseline cost

A 10% discount will be provided for Exhibitors for the booking of more than 15 sq. m. fitted space

Minimal booth space:

– central location – 15sq m
– at the perimeter location – 6sq m

The fitted space will be provided to the exhibitor by not later than 24 hours before opening of the Exhibition, the space only – by not later than 48 hours.
The exhibitors will be supplied with the additional equipment and services (telephone, video tape recorder & TV set, interpreter, etc.) upon the separate exhibitor s request in accordance with the existing rates.

The hotel accommodation and the transfer from/to the airport can be reserved upon request.
For participation in the Exhibition, please, fill in the application form for participation (attached) and the contract (provided after receiving the application).

3. Payment and Registration:

The payment is performed according to the invoices issued in accordance with the application for participation during the period of three bank days since the moment of invoice issuing. A fine of 0,1% a day is imposed in case of payment delinquency for more than three days.
Exhibition area booking is performed only after the advance payment (50% from the total amount according to the Contract) . The deadline for the payment of the rest of the amount is February 12, 2011.


Till February 12, 2011 – Sending by Exhibitors of the Information entry for the Exhibition Catalogue.
Till February 17, 2011 – Finalization of the Exhibitor’s booth layout, fitting, equipment and services.

4. Exhibition working hours:

March 16 – 18, 2011 – work of the exhibition
Exhibition working hours: March 16-17 – from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., March, 18 from 10 a.m. – to 4 p.m.

5. Mounting and dismantling order of exhibition exposition:

Mounting of the exposition and exhibits move-in March 16-17, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 7p.m.
March 18, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Dismantling March 19, 2011 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
March 20, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Pre-term dismantling and exhibits move-out are prohibited.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to update terms and conditions of the Exhibition.

Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA) provides Post-Exhibition support to exhibitors’ production and recommends it to companies-buyers for organization of entertainment complexes, family entertainment centers, theme parks.

Оrganizing committee:

Аddress: Offices 307-310, Pavilion №69, VVTs, Pr-t Mira 119, Moscow, 129223
Tel./Fax: +7(499) 760-38-14; +7(495) 988-89-48 / 47

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Capcom Brings Arcade Games to Virtual Console

Sunday, September 12th, 2010 | Permalink

by Anoop Gantayat / / 16 Jul 10

Capcom doesn’t have much of a presence in arcades nowadays, but they used to be a major force with games like Final Fight, 1942, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts and, of course, Street Fighter II. It looks like Wii owners will soon be getting a reminder of that arcade pedigree. The publisher announced plans on Friday to bring titles to the Virtual Console Arcade side of the Virtual Console service.

Currently, the VCA release list list is dominated by Namco Bandai, with Sega throwing out an occasional game here and there. Capcom’s support will begin some time this summer, with the company hoping to release the more popular titles from its catalogue. First up is Sonson, a 1984 side scroller that later made it out to the NES (but only in Japan).

These plans are just for Japan at the moment. However, with many of Capcom’s arcade classics having originally seen international release, we have a feeling we’ll see some support on our Virtual Console as well.

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Video Arcade Games For Sale: From Classic Arcade Games To Pinball Arcade Games

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